Wednesday, May 23, 2007


OKAY I'll try this again posted this once and
blogger quit on me.
I tried the tec on Sherre's blog
she is one of the owners of Art Tecnique group
belong to.
I didn't use water color paper but 2 pieces of
paper from a my art journal Sandy gave me.
I had pounded some flower on it.
I soaked the paper then put it on freezer paper.
Then I dropped different colors of ink on it.
Then put plastic wrap on top scrunched up
a bit, left it to dry over night. Then removed the plastic.
When it was dry I stamped one Tonniece lent me
with script on it one in gree the other in red.
I sprayed the paper with poster paint mixed
in a spray bottle red...
Then I dipped a small little tree branch in my glod leaf.
Ran the twig all over the paper.
I wanted to use them on one side of my game board I'm
altering for some charms I'm making.
So I gave a piece to tonniece and will do it
again on water color paper the right size this time..
More on this later....
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Erasmuse said...

This turned out great! I'm not sure though from reading your technique when you took off the plastic wrap. I'm assuming right after you scrunched it up? Love the color choices!


Merrie said...

that's some fantastic looking material there. well done. I'm all envy, but my plate is full ... consider yourself bookmarked :)



Tonniece said...

Haveing seen this up close and personal, I can say as lovely as it is here, It's even more stunning in real life.
Great piece Dianne

joya said...

isn´t this beautiful !! Gorgeous paper !

Debbi B said...

Hi Dianne - This is really intriguing - so many steps contributing to the final result. I love the effect you have achieved with the grooves which I presume come from the plastic drying on the paper. Just gorgeous, Debbi B

Carol said...

Gorgeous piece of work Dianne. The colours are great.

platitudinal said...

Dianne, this is so beautiful! The effect of what you did is so pretty!