Monday, November 24, 2008


Here is a little peek at my cards I'm making.
I'm cheating a little this year by using these
gorgeous little gift tags for the centre . The base
cards were plain so I have stamped and sparkled
them up to look Christmasey (not sure if that is a
word LOL). Didn' t want you think I wasn't doing
anything ehheheh. Thanks for stopping by and have
a great week...
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Isn't she a beauty, well I'm not sure if it is a
boy or girl, but named it Shatan.. I fell in love
with these horse when I saw them on Daniella
She has a few and draws them too. So I google
imaged Dartmoor's ponies and found this beauty
and have her on my desk top. I named her after
The Black which is my favorite movie, I love to
look at her all day.... I'm in love :):)..

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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well there won't be many pics of my stuff since its all
Christmas stuff so I will have to take some interesting pics,
of other things..
Can't show these projects since they are all surprises.. I will be
still checking out blogs and chatting with you all.
Thanks for stopping by....

Sunday, November 09, 2008


I had these done last week just got around to posting
them. I used some of the homemade paper from
Java, I had purchased at a second hand shop.
I used 5 signatures in all the journals which
would give them 50 pages each. The sewing
kills my carpo tunnel but its worth it...

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I'm a daily follower of Anita Davies blog
she is a amazing artist in England.
From her blog I found, as you do, Danielle
Its called "Notes from the Rookery"
Right from the name of her blog I was hooked.
She lives in Dartmoor England on a farm with
her family. She raises these wonderful
Dartmoor ponies, with their long manes they
mystical, they are gorgeous. She also is a
fabulous painter. Painting her pony's,unicorns
faeries, and crows. She also helps her sister
with sewing beautiful clothes for kids..
Its a magical place where her and her family live.
After I read her whole blog, I was blown away.
I loved her work so much I got on ebay and ordered
4 of her Aceo's right away. She was so nice and
actually sent me an extra larger print
(the pic above) and no postage if you order more
then 1 print. The aceo's only cost $7:50.
Imagine that for the beautiful works of art.
I'm a lucky girl to be the proud owner of
some of her work..
Please do check out her blog and see for yourself,
you'll think you were taken back in time to a
magical place..
Thanks Danielle...

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These are the four ACEO's I bought,
some for me and others for gifts..
Aren't they stunning...

White Crow Fairy
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Daughter of the Raven Clan

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The Ancient Cross..

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Midsummer Eve

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