Wednesday, September 27, 2006

This is a better close one... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Autum Wreath

My friend Doug asked me to make
a wreath for his door, I've made him a couple.
His wife left the brown velvet and a soft peach
bow on it. Now I think I'll have to take them off
and add a bow myself...
I used 3 cat tail (bull rushes), added a bit of gold on the tips.
Then 3 long seed pods I found. I just happened
to some fall leaves I'd bought. I painted milk pods
2 different oranges and put gold dots on them..
I also painted some silver dollors a bright orange
then put copper sparkle dots on those
It definetly need a new bow.. Posted by Picasa

This is a little closer look.. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 25, 2006

Yahoooooo I rerusted my last piece and I love it, love it, I can see all sorts of things in it. How about you? I'll post later what I can see.. Posted by Picasa


Well I rerusted it and I loooove it.
Can you see anything in there somewhere.
I post what i can see later.. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 23, 2006

We went to Caledonia again I had to get Sue to stop so I could get a pic of these horses, can you tell I live in the city..Imagine getting excited over horses, its all in loving nature what ever it may be.. When we were kids and saw a white horse we would say " lucky,lucky white horse. Lucky lucky me. Lucky lucky white horse bring you luck to me.. LOL Posted by Picasa

A couple of brown horses.. Posted by Picasa

I spotted this sumach and had to take a pic of the wonderful colors brilliant reds and oranges.. Posted by Picasa

A close up of the sumach brilliant..They are using them to color dye material. Must be a fabulous red.. Posted by Picasa

Beautiful fungus on a tree stump must be a foot across.. Posted by Picasa

New Yarn

Aren't they beautiful ...
My DF Jan bought them fo me..
They were on sale for $3.00 at walmart.
Great deal at Micheals they are
3 times as much..
No I won't be doing any knitting
but will us them in my art...
I believe they are called trelles,
I just love the colors.. Posted by Picasa

Tyvek Beads

Ok pics not to good again.
This is my first attemp at making these. I had painted it when I was in England with Sandy. It was lime green with peacock feathers..Trial and error, the last ones where coming out better.. I dipped them in copper embossing and copper sparkles.. They look much better in my hand..
I do love the tec. so I'll keep trying it.. Posted by Picasa

Poster Is Done

Well I finally finished it, I can't seem to get a good pic of it, its quite large and shiny.. I made a few coffee beans out of polymer clay and painted them to add to the string at top.. In the left hand corner it says reciepe for comfort a piece of cake, I added the name of the cafe along the left hand side, its on the coffee filter so looks like the writing on a coffee bean bag . I'm pleased how it turned out.. Now to see if I can sell it to the cafe owner. If she likes this one I will do a couple more for her cafe.. I don't have a clue how much to sell these posters for ( never having sold anything before, not counting the rust for my DS)..
If you have any ideas I would gladly appreciate them..
Its 2 1/2 ft by 3 1/4 ft.. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Today was a beautiful fall day, maples are turning, the air is cool and fresh, so Jan and I went
a few miles out of town to try to get
some pics of the coos.. They are hardly any here:(:(:(
I have been trying to get these a long time.
When I showed the pics on my camera
to Jan's DD she didn't even know what
they were.
The have been out in the back field
all summer, in the fall they bring them
in ..
I was so excited, I love them so much,
reminds me of the highlands in Scotland.
I finally got some good ones, this might be boring
for some of you (Sandy eyes rolling I see ya).
If not please click on the pics to see them large
they are Beauties my Coos...
Today was a grrreat day....

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Another maple, were almost at the farm yahoooooo... Posted by Picasa
We asked the owner if we could take some pics of them, he looked at us strangely
and said sure.. We walked up the lane to get closer,then they started forming a circle
around the baby to protect him. I was here for a while I could wait... Posted by Picasa
Look at him, he was giving me the evil eye, watching me.... Posted by Picasa
This was a big guy... Posted by Picasa
They were just eating,eating,eating.... Posted by Picasa
This guy was the bravest he got the closest to me, young curious.. Posted by Picasa
This guy must be a couple of yrs he is still small and has small horns.. Posted by Picasa
Heres one a little older so fluffy.. Posted by Picasa
Oh he is coming in site now way in the back.. Posted by Picasa
Aww finally the baby in the background .. Posted by Picasa

A Budding Artist

When I got home I took
pics of this Ladies art work.
Over the Last 2 yrs the people
who owned my apt. building
have cut down 5 fir trees in
front of my building GRRRR.
They also didn't plant any flowers
this yr, so a lovely Lady name Joan
who lives here too, made some
art pieces from Nature to spruce up the
front. I told her they were great and she
was a good artist, she was very shy and
thanked me. I also told would take some
pics and put it here to show you.. Posted by Picasa