Sunday, December 20, 2009


I made this wreath for my friend Jan,
again not a good pic can't see the colors
to great. I painted the pieces different
greens. So this is my favorite one since
green is my favorite color and I loved
the red crab apples.
I made a blue one for my friend Tonniece
but no pic again I'm hopping she take one
and sends it to me...
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I made this wreath for my DS Suzanne, sorry about
the second pic it pretty blurry. I looks beautiful in her
window though...

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Well I'm all better now thank God!!!!!
I made my cards this year :)....
I used the green background for the ones
I used for my over seas but of course no pics.
I was to much in a hurry to post them...
I used my friend Tonnieces cricket to do the
background and had bought the pieces from Micheal's.
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