Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well feeling a little better today I used the
shiva markers I got from Tonniece's daughter.
They were quite old but they are still usable.
I used Carols (my mentor)
It tells everything you can do with these paint sicks.
Thanks Carol so much your always there to help...
I only used 3 colors green, gold and purple.
I really need to get more stencil brushes only have one.
Also find more thing to do any rubbings on..
I loved using them......

On this one I used a stencil on the bottom one,
and did a rubbing over a wicker piece..

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I used rubbing on this one, I used my
depression glass cookie jar..

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I just stenciled on this one..
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This one I used a large stamp around the edge
and ran the sticks over it , then stenciled
in the middle.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008


I have been off for a while, went to our family reunion,
sadly I hurt my sciatica nerve so was in pain most of the time.
It hurts to stand, sit, walk well all the time..
Sitting in the car for hours was really the worst, but that is getting better.
I haven't felt great for a while and finally went to the doctor,
I'm full of infection so am on antibiotics so with any luck I'll
be back to my old self in a couple of weeks..
Hope to get my muse back and start creating,
feeling like crap, I haven't felt the urge to do anything..


Here is where the ferry docks. We got to the island
in Southmouth Bay a couple of hours early so they
could look around. I always wanted to go home
this way, I love ferry rides being on the water.
Sadly I left my camera in the car and wasn't aloud
to go and get it. Hopefully Sue, Joe and Sandy will
post pics. I didn't hardly took any pics since the
3 of them were taking them...

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Lovely pic of Sandy and Joe..

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Had lunch here while waiting for the
CHEE CHEE MAN (the ferry) it means
long canoe.....

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Here are the 4 of us in the Pierside resturant,
had a lovely meal of fresh caught white fish
from the lake. Sandy was contemplating
when Sue took pic. I fuzzed myself cause
I had a bad hair day....
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