Tuesday, January 30, 2007


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My other little box, its really darker then it looks here,
well I used the red paper I painted, but once it was on it
looked like tree bark so I painted a medium gre then i ran
a little green ink pad on it. I'l have to paint it with w few
more colors, I have some little tree fungus to
arrange on the top.. more as I go.... Posted by Picasa


I have covered the tray with the tea bags.
Love the look I got from these bags, So I'll
sand it when it dryes then a little stain, then
a little ink, some gold, ect..
I'll keep you posted n the steps...
I've ran some ink pads over the little suitcase then I'm going to stain it ect... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 28, 2007


First I want to mention my tea tray
which I'm starting, I have the purfect
teabags now, they are Red Rose Yellow,
they have a very nice yellow brown
to them so I can use gold on this tray.
Red Rose, "only sold in Canada you say'
"Pity" LOL..
Now the pic below are the beads I made
the other day when I couldn't make the face.
I have put a shimmer cream color on

them and will put some glass paint on them.
The oblong one on the left hand side I made
the character myself which means rain my

fav:):) and the others I used
an imprint off a chinese coin . I will see how
they look done and do more of these big beads..
See you soon.... Posted by Picasa
These are my papper castings the little jungle faces I have a mold for
but not to crazy about them.
The chinese Ladies is a kids
plastic window light catcher.
I have done some rubbing
on this a long time ago, but
never used them they are
still in a folder. I think I'll just
paint this and put it on a
background then in a frame.
More on these latter.. Posted by Picasa
This is the tiny suit case I'm covering, I used
brown paper bag torn up with PVA, I did the little handle today.
More work on this to make it vintage.... Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 26, 2007

Progress Update

I added some foil on the Celtic piece, finished the coffee tray.
I was brewing a bunch of tea for the tray, so I dyed a bunch of gauze and baby wipes didn't want to waste the tea;):)
I still have to take a pick of the 2 paper cast I did..
I cover too little wood boxes, a tiny one looks like a suitcase
so I'm making it look like a vintage one, the other I started to cover it with some of the painted papers,(in earlier post).
I was trying to make a pretty face out of polymer clay Not!!
It wasn't looking like a human so I made 4 charms instead with it... I put Chinese letters on them and have put some cream colors on them need pics when finished them..
Well the BAD part, I finally got on that DARN sewing machine
"sigh" started to sew a design on the back, got a small bit done,,,, then the bobbin was empty, thread gone..
So I took it out got a nice color and tried to fill it on the bobbin filler *^%%#$$^&&%%$$%%^^##@#$$ it wonldn't move..
so now I am at a stand still on the sewing machine, might have to go and use SuziQs unless I can fix it, doubt that but I will
push ahead and do it " big sigh"
Good thing Suzie's is brand new:):)
Okay later...

Magpies Envy
These are the true colors, rust,brown gold,green,copper
I think adding the copper foil on thebackground it
blends better with the middle... . Posted by Picasa
Up date on the Coffee tray, I burned some types of coffee
on it. Then I sanded it, put a bit of walnut stain on it,
then ironed a bit of copper foil on top of it, words ( lattie, columbian, turkis ect..)
Sprayed it with some glaze..
Now the Tea tray.......... Posted by Picasa
I ironed on low, some copper foil around the out side.
I am going to put some
leather strips on the bottom
so it won't scratch the furniture. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I was checking a couple of water paint boxes I had one for a while
( they are in little silver tubes) and all but 4 were dried up,
the other one was a little better I thought I had better use some
before they got all wasted.
So I painted some paper.
I had this lovely sheet of paper
Tonniece gave me.
Its like a brown bag but textured
like raffia, stretches.
So I cut it upin to pages
then painted a few. I have about
a dozen more which I'm going to
make a home made book..

I also have done a bit of paper casting,
if it works, drying now.. well I'll be doing a bit of this.
I love Ellis Cookes work www.intothebylistic.blogspot.com/ she uses a lot
of papercasting and I just love her stuff colors are awesome, vintage looking things
wonderful.. So I'll be trying out my own thing.... Posted by Picasa
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I sarted with 4 small samples, dampened the paper first them added the colors Posted by Picasa
Sample 2, painted a little background pic on one of them:) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Well I put it on a piece of rust( which looks yellow but really brown) then I stamped it with my walnut ink (small Celtic circles). I used silk cocoon rods to frame the circle. I had wet them, stretched them, then to cut them in half length wise. I stitched the out side and beaded the inside of the rods I just have to hem and maybe back it.. I might add some gold foil a bit on it... Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I sarted to cover the tray with coffee filters
and stained the back with walnut ink, more
work on this..
I found a background for my Celtic piece.
I'm using a piece of material I rusted..
I stamped some small celtic circles on it
with walnut ink.. More on this too
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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I started this in a little workshop Sandy gave me in England. We started with tissue paper I drew a celtic design in crayon then iron it on with bondoweb onto some lutrador. Then stained it with tea...
So I now have stitched the beads on and stitched
some fancy yarns then painted it with nail polish, it gives it a leather look and also some liquid gold leaf, added a bit of copper glitter. I add some walnut ink to make it a bit browner.. Now I have to burn an uneven edge around it and add it to a background, maybe a piece of my rust not sure yet.. Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 15, 2007

MY ART SPACE IN 2007....

This is what you see when you come
in my door. First time visitors are a little taken aback with it all.. It took me 7 days, yes I said 7 days to organize it all. Now that its organized I can start creating again. YAHOO YIPPEE its done:):):)... Posted by Picasa
My desk top which is actually a door on top of
a big wooden bed, it won't look like this for long
sigh, if only it would... Posted by Picasa
This is the little glass shelf I made for more
room on my desk.... Posted by Picasa
Some of my tools on my desk. I got that beautiful
basket for christmas, I put my 2 fabric post cards
the leaf on is Elizabeth and the other is by Dijanne
Cevaal in Austrailia.
She is an extrodinary quilt maker. Posted by Picasa
This shelf is full broken jewlery tin cans
exceta... Posted by Picasa
Another shelf full of supplies Posted by Picasa
This is my sewing area which I'm going
to start using this year . The 2 chinese pics
come from Bali a good friend of mine brought them back for me when she went home, they are made of dyed rice leaves,the drawing by Tonniece of the vase on material and the little purse she also made for me full of beautiful tags she also made.... Posted by Picasa