Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fabulous view of the Grand River,
wow you would have to have awfully
long legs and a great balance to ride
this 2 wheeler... I know there is a name
for this bycycle but can't think of it..
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Marlene said...

Hi Dianne!
The bicycle in your photo is a 'penny-farthing'. It is said that the front wheel was like an old English penny and the back wheel was like a farthing (worth a quarter penny - last used in 1956) in proportion to each other. The rider had to use a special mounting block to get on and off the contraption!

See this link:
All the best,

Tonniece said...

ooooooohhh, how cool is this. I love it, and it is going to be great for my draw a bike challenge.

they look like fun to ride too. lol

Nola said...

I have always thought these cycles were very Walter Mitty - they were surely designed by someone with a sese of humour!