Thursday, November 30, 2006


OK this took 2hrs and 45min to post all of these, so I'm
starting with a pic of Sandy taking a pic again her back again.
Vines cascading over the wall lovely...
Limes growing in the back yard pick them fresh..
Lots of palm trees in the city..
A beautiful wall on the way up..
See the slope on the first side street it only get higher.
Thank goodness they don't get snow here slippery..
Close upook at the stairs the plants...
This gate to get into the park is just to beautiful...
Look at that the park and a taxi, you mean
I didn't have to walk up that long steeple
hill thats at a 45 drgree angle DANG..
The fabulous sign for the park..
View once you get inside the park amasing..
Another window, look how the mosaic runs
down the wall...
How is this for a window frame love it..
Bottom of the smaller tower..
Top of the smaller tower...
This is the top of the big tower..
Wow I looked up and just look at that its breath taking
amasing, unbelivable, all that my vocabulary can't discribe
all the sites I saw here....
This is the 4th level I never did get up there I got stuck
on the 3rd level with the famous bench...
Look how these are on a round then indented,
how did they do this, amasing..
This is a fabulous close up look at that tile..
This is a beauty too...
this one is really different, Gaudi got some of his
artist friends to make some tiles including Picaso.
Then he would break them and put them back together.
I'm loving this gorgeous tile...
Look at this brown and orange beauty..
Look at the wall going up the stairs, brilliant..
This was beside the open room, it had a bench in front
but too many people sitting getting their pic taken..
A Lizard out of mosaic who would have thunk it:):)

Isn't he a wild Lizard, Sandy took a pic of me with my hand

playing with the water from his mouth..

The top of the amasing mosaic fountain...
Close up on the where the fountain starts, water is dribbling
on the brown rocks, then casscades down further..
When you get to top of the first set of stairs there is a open room
with hugh columns and fabulous mosaic ceiling sunbursts and swirls.
Can you believe this one it swirls out from the ceiling
too cool...
Love this green one..
Another sun, wild..
A close up, the ones on the ceiling have special pieces
of glass all different shapes, awsome...
Part 2 soon

Monday, November 27, 2006


We had breaky in the apartment and headed out for our
day one on the bus tour. It was hard to get a pic of Sandy
unless she was taking a pic other wise she was on the move.
We got on the bus and I took some pics..
The tile work is gorgeous on this building...
Statues and pidgeons there everywhere..
Isn't he sweet...
Isn't she an elegant Lady..
This is a bit of the Palace where the Royal Family lives.
I took this and most of the rest of the pics while on the
tour bus on the top level, it was a nice cloudy day so
I was loving it..
This is a wild building by Senor Gaudi, sadly I didn't get
a chance to go in this one Sandy did so she will be able
to post them on her blog..
Just a peek at the Penthouse in a Senor Gaudi apartment...
A quick peek of one of the apartment Senor Gaudi built,
nothing normal in his buildings..
Another nice apartment to live in..
The building are beautiful and endless....
Interesting little tower on top of the building...
Those domes were yellow and orange on top of a church.
Pretty decoration up there.. I magine living
there looking out that round window...
Lovely round building on a corner..