Monday, April 28, 2008


Was at Sue's her pot had broken over winter.
She wanted to have a pic with her head in the pot.
So here it is, looks like a pothead to me LOL LOL...
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In May and Junes Cloth Paper Scissors Mag. Beryl Taylor
Made what she called an accordion style book, its life a folding
screen but small.
I cut up a book and used the first pages of the the chapters.
I used 12 pages and glued a second page to them.
I dyed them and some scrim with tea, I put lemon juice
on the edges then used my heat gun to darken the edges.
I will post more on my progress.
I'm also making a tray for Jan's room she is decorating
in Egyptian style, will post this when done..

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Jan finally got a clothes line she has wanted for 20 yrs.
I made her a bag for the pegs, all form recycled material.
I ironed some plastic shopping bags. I used an old table cloth
for the outside, also the silver is from old purse..
I used a plastic hanger with a swivel hook..
She loved it:):)
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