Sunday, January 20, 2008


Simone my niece picked up Sue Martha and I
and we went to her DS Kim house in Vaughn.
We had a fabulous lunch, roast pork with a
prune sauce and golden fried onions. Cannelloni
in a bechemel sauce scrumptious. Salad greens
with a yummy dressing, goat cheese and black
Her 2 bedroom town house is lovely..
No pics I'm so sad about that.
Finally bought new rechargable batteries
now the charger is dead..
Anyway the second bedroom is Kim's
office. She had the orignal door from her cottage,
now uses it for her desk with a high glass on top
of it original paint all peeling. It looks fabulous...
I saw the office as we came up the stairs, I just new it
would be my favorite room...
We had a wonderful day full of laughfter good feelings
yummy food , thanks Kim....
I whipped Simone's wreath the night before.
It turned out real piitty:):)

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Close up..
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A real close up.

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Monday, January 14, 2008


I got this in the post, imagine, right on my
I really love the saying on it, it truly touched
my heart.
I look at it everyday and smile and get
a warm feeling inside.
Could I have gotten a better gift I think not...
Thank you my special friend Carol..
Big hugs to you XOXO
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I posted this for my LS Luci
I wanted her to see what a zentangle
looked like. Mine is defiantly very
amateurish it will give her and idea.
I will also post a link here,
I am making some life changes so
I was righting down my positive thought
(which bring positive action)
and thought I would mix it with some
musing around:):)
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Sunday, January 13, 2008


I made 6 of these for my sister.
I used a foam cone covered them with broken
stained glass. Then grouted them which wasn't
easy on a round surface:).
I used a couple of round beads painted them for
the top of the tree, I also painted some glitter on the
grout to make it pop..
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This was Suzies second gift a lovely pincushion
I used Chinese candle holder. I used half of
a foam ball covered it with steel wool.
This keeps your needle sharp. I used
a lovely piece of silk I received from
a lady in my group gave me for hosting
a swap. I cut out a flower embroidered
on another piece of silk with a long tail.
I glued the flower and then wrapped
the tail around, not sure if you can see that.
I then embellished with black sequences
and a tassel, finished it off with a lovely old
metal button..
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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Feeling a wee bit better..
I spent Sunday in bed sleeping, coughing..
Yesterday I had to go to my buddies Doug's
house. His wife is reflooring the kitchen and
living room. Doug just slept, got up for a few
smokes. I stayed in his kids room reading a book
taking care of the workers when needed..
Poor Doug, we chatted a bit but I had to stay
away from him so he didn't get what ever I had.
Today, I decided I might as well get up and start
cleaning. My mice are finally gone and I'm trying
to get all the smoke out of here, off the walls.
throw some stuff out. Hopefully get rid of my couch.
Get my shelves and also my new computer desk and set
up my new ergonomics chair Jan got me for Christmas.
Off to watch Coranation Street. More pics tommorow..


My nephew Dave and his wife's family
all worship together, his in-laws are
the son and Dad who went to Hattie's
to build a school.
I got some wooden Christmas tree
ornaments for my charity shop. glued
them on some hearts in between..
DS Jeanne just gave me the pretty
red angels for a pop of color..
Then I wrapped some pretty ribbon
around the wreath and dangles on the bottom
I just got it for 99c from another favorite
shop Bargains Bargains...
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Close up, I wrapped the ribbon around
the wreath and dangled a bunch at the
bottom.. I glued the pieces like I did on the
other ones BUT this wreath was smooth
not raw.. Dang buy the time I brought it
to Cathy's house some of the pieces had
come of whaaa:(:(...
Cathy did have some wire somewhere,
but who know where..
My sweet nephew Dave said not to worry
he had some really fine wire and would
wire them up and it would last them
a life time..
Lesson learned.....
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My niece collects snow people for Christmas.
I just happen to have 3 small wreaths .
I painted them with white enamel paint.
I started with her hat made of my favs
milk weed pods.
The rest of the pods I'm sure came from
Australia. I got most of them from my DS.
They came in some wonderful popporie and Jan,s
Dad brought some from his garage sales goodies:):)
I used a plastic white bag. Funny I was just going
cover the circles to have something to attach
the pods to. I glued it around the back of the head,
and cut it away. The 2 pieces flop over the middle
wreath, shazm she had 2 sleeves for me to make arms:):)
I didn't know how I was gonna make arms..
Don't you love it when a plan comes together..
Love my PODS....

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A close up, I love how her lips turned out, it
was a big round pod that had folded over in
half. I used s small craft knife to form the top
of the lip and ran an deep pink ink pad to accent
them. The eyes I think are the bottoms of a
large pine cone. I dropped blue metallic acrylics
in the centre and used silver glitter for the irises.

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Thursday, January 03, 2008


Well the new year has started and I feel like crapp.
My brother left on Dec 30th, we were the only
lucky ones to catch a cold. I've been snotty :)
and I think there is a large man sitting on my
chest.. I posted a few pics for my little sis Luci.
Back to rest my stuffed head..
I hope everyone had a great holiday season..


Okay dear Luci here are the pics of Suzie
BBQ the chicken in the winter snow..
Dinner was delicious..
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Don't they look funny, we used pop in the cans
your suppose to use beer but yuck:):)
They get the steam inside so they are really
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Ohaa smells good they do..

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Heres Suzie checking to see if they are done..
Yes her fingers have no feelings...
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All cooked ready to slice.. Funny look at all the
wine and nobody drinks LOL..
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