Thursday, August 24, 2006

Love, emotions, and relationships fill your days.
You are constantly thinking about others,
especially the ones you love.
Others consider you a romantic and a fool.
You give yourself to others,
but don't give too much,
even the breadmaker must eat.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Well it was Fri. and we desided to go see my DC on Manituolin Island, when you head out on hyway 6 the scenery is just so awsome, I never get tired of seeing it, you find new sites every time.. Posted by Picasa

Love these rocks.. Posted by Picasa
Were almost there.. Posted by Picasa

Were here, there is the swing bridge.. It clodes every hour for 15min to let the boats in and out. Its not very wide so traffic can only go one way at a time.. Posted by Picasa

AHHH Little Current first town you see when you get to the Island, if you go to the pier you can see million dollar yatchs.. Awsome.. PS also they have a ice cream shop where the ice cream is to die for made right on the Island.. You can't miss it there are 3 cows out front.. Posted by Picasa

This is what the bridge attaches to when It swings open to let the large boats in.. Posted by Picasa
My DB stopped for some window was so
I had to get out and take a few pics .
Love the Totam poles Posted by Picasa
The eagle Posted by Picasa

The bear Posted by Picasa

Not sure but I think this represents the whale. Posted by Picasa

Beaver Posted by Picasa

We were just around the corner from Ritas house soooo I had put my camera in it case and me on nature watch dha... There was a dae with three fawns right beside the road.. OH MAN by the time I got the camera out, they were back at the tree line, so only got a glimse of them waaaa!!!
NEVER PUT THE CAMERA AWAY..... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Magpies Envy

Darn I only had a couple more pics of my trip to Manitoulin Island and blogger said no more pics.. WHAT 57 is too much LOL.. More tomorrow see you then. I have only one more set of pics of my DS cottage to put on then holiday pics finished. That might be good news for some of you but I wanted to show
all to DS Sandy in England and hope she can join us next year..

Magpies Envy

I think this is my favorite pic, well I think :):) Posted by Picasa

Nice back yard, lovely deck with a hot tub in the right hand corner, Think of sitting there in the night looking up at the stars. A little bit of paradise.. Posted by Picasa

This is beside the back porch, last year it had a pond in it, but Rita said lovely pond but then we got frogs nice, but that brought the SNAKES so the pond is gone ::):) Posted by Picasa

This is the driveway up to the house, so lovely. Posted by Picasa

Finally got him on the feeder.. Posted by Picasa

A close up on the hummer... Posted by Picasa

I went for a walk by myself in the forrest behind their house, wanted to get a few pics.. If I lived here all I would need is a good camera and take pics all over this amazing Island... Posted by Picasa

Do you hear a tree when it falls in the forest, sure looks pretty... Posted by Picasa

The trees are holding up their fallen brother. Posted by Picasa

Sun spots on the forest floor... Posted by Picasa

The sun was so bright it almost looks like snow.. Posted by Picasa

Nice... Posted by Picasa