Monday, April 30, 2007


Well I met my friend Shiela and we
had a walk down James st. and we stopped
at a little Chinese place and I got these paperes.
Josh 2 kinds only $1:00 and $1:50 then a roll
of rice paper for $5.. The other 2 pkg $2each
they use for funerals for prayers etc. The sales
Lady ask if I knew what they were for and I
told her yes, that all the artist are now using
them in their art now. She just shook her head.
The josh paper are much cheaper at the Asian
stores, the ones on line are way tooo much money..

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I got a cool bag with some fantastic
hand made paper..
I got all of these at a small
Mixed Media shop downtown..
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These are my fabulous new inks BLUE,
I didn't get any green dang oh no now I
have to go back there:):)
Sorry too much shine on the pic..
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These are for Tonniece who is drawing
and can't get out, so I thought I'd get
my bestest friend the proper tools..
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I used a sketch book my DS gave me,
the pages are quite absorbent..
I layed the flowers on the right
side facing down, flip the left paper
over it and pounded them with a
rubber malet. I don't know which
side I like better..
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This was the side the flower was facing..
I used red bagonias can you believe they
came out purple...
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This was the back side, they look
like skeleton flower...
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This is the first background piece I did.
I got this tec. on my Art Tec. group.
I used brown paper added different
colors of ink, the pink is acrylic paint,
and I used a gold stamp to run across
the surface.. Then I I used acrylic wax
mixed a bit of perlex in the wax..
I used my heat gun to dry each
I love how they turned out. I think
I will use these on my game board
to alter it...
Same process for 2nd paper...
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Close up ....
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This is the 2nd background piece I did..
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Close up...
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Thursday, April 26, 2007


I fianally started my rusted piece of chains..
For anyone who hasn't done this it's very simple..
You can actually use any type of material,
with anything that will rust (steel)..
I'm doing a art quilt about the underground railway
in Nova Scotia Canada for a friend...
I used a piece of cotton sheet, I bought at the charity shop
and just ripped a piece off, layed a piece of chain then rolled
it over added another piece of chain until I got to the end of
the material put it in the bucket and soaked it in vinegar..
You can use white or brown doesn't matter. I'll leave it for
a week, if it get dry I just add a bit more vinegar to dampen it.
The ust will bleed into the material and when you undo it.
Well its like magic, I love to do this...
You can put the rusted piece anywhere,
This is another one I did with all kinds of rusted bits and just kept
wrapping it together. I have some thin steel wire and I tie the
piece up with it..
This is how I layed them out
This next one I used big rusty washers, good Dofasco Steel...
Okay I'm off to work on something else, I hope I will have a pic of it tomorrow..
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Sunday, April 22, 2007


Hamilton STEELE TOWN this is where I live.
I happen to live what we call the mountain, its part
of the Niagra Escarpment. I live a block from the
mountain brow as you can see in this pic.
I had said I was going to put a few pics of the
city so here they are.
There are 5 set of stairs along the brow, top
to bottom. A lot of people use them everyday.
the biggest set have a little over 500 stairs.
We have a Botanical gardens which are very beautiful.
Even a Castle, Dundurn castle
Dosen't have its own web site, I'm shocked ...
I have lived here 50 years and have never felt like
I was home here, there a lots of really beautiful
places in Ontario so when I get out I truly enjoy it.
I think my heart is in Scotland......
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This is the downtown area of the city..
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This is the centre of the city all homes and apt.
In the summer when all the trees are green it quite
pretty. The town of Dundas is across the bay. There
are a lot of artist living there and they have tours
you can go on and visit them..
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The next 3 pics run along the bay are of the Steele company's
Dofasco ( 5th best place to work in the world)
They have no union and all the employees are
have shares in it. They do everything for their
workers. Donate lots of money to the city's
and welfare of the city/ Their is a big Sludge
company down there and also Stelco which
has been having a hard time the past few years
and are in receivership right now from mismanagement.
They have been in the news for a while now. Dofasco
just got bought out by first a German comp. and now
is owned by a company from India..
So needless to say we have a LOT of pollution in our city.
Smoke stacks burning day and night.. Dofasco has been
really good at the enviormental things but Stelco hasn't.
On the hot summer days elderly and people with breathing
problems are told to stay inside...
I think the white building is a Liquid Air company..
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In the middle of this pick you can see
the football stadium where the Hamilton
Tiger Cats play...
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This is the Skyway when you cross it you go
into the city of Burlington, its a posh city for the
rich people. Along their lakeshore the houses
are a mansions costing in the million range..
The skyway seperates the bay and the lake.
All the big ships carring goods dock in bay..
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This is looking east, right across
lake Ontario is Toronto, on a clear
day which these day are far and few
between, you can see the CN tower.
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Thursday, April 19, 2007


Well I've been busy making BD gifts and
working on our challenges with DS and
Friends. So I can't post those yet,but I
have finished them..
I made my first fabric postcards for
the Canadian Cancer Society..
This is my tribute to all the fabulous
textile designers, they usually are on the
edge of the material and I have always
loved then....
I'm making up a few parcels to send out
to a couple of friends. Sweet Arlee is sending
my a piece of her art
so I'm sending her her a bag of goods in appreciation.
I'm also sending another parcel to a friend in Ottawa
some thing we can't get here..See you soon..
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This is Sharing art, with gold leaf and
put a tiny pocket , its gold mesh in the
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This is my abstract one, its a
piece of silk material, drew some
zodiac signs with gold pen and sewed
some yarn and attached an embelishment
on it..
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This is the last one and its supposed to
be strawberries in a basket. I attached
a small piece of bamboo wicker. Thats
it for now...
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