Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Thought I'd let you know whats finally happening.
After all the test the surgeon says its the netting
I had from a old (10yrs) hernia operation and this is
what is causing all the infection. Sooo he is going to have
to open me up and do a lot of digging to get it out, then
they will have to leave me open to heal. This means
having nurses in twice a day to change the packing.
I went through this after the hernia operation. It will
take up to at least 3 months for me to heal hopefully.
I am going to cut off my Internet service, since I'll be
on my back in bed. Sooo when I'm well enough to get
back to art ans sit at the computer I'LL BE BACK.
I miss you all sooooo much and will be thinking aof all
my friends on line. I'll be looking forward to seeing
every ones blog and all the fabulous work..
Bye for a while.
Yours truly Dianne