Monday, December 17, 2007


I made these plus poinsettias made out of
milk pods. The fairy's have pine cone body's
acorn heads lace for the clothing boys and girls..
The wings are also made of milk pods and I just
painted them with sparkle glue.
I made 10 of these for my DS Sandra in England.
I wrote a silly story about how Jan and I found
them in a forest. They were living in the Hugh
tree that had been fallen.The roots were Hugh
and were covered in mose vines.
I saw some twinkling in the Hugh root.
I could hear some voices singing very softly.
We were very quiet and they came out
one by one. I told them I would like
to send one of the to England to
be with my sister for Christmas,
since she had no family there.
They introduced them selves to us
and told me they were sisters too.
So I would have to send all of them
or none at all. Being sisters they had
to stay together or they would be lonely
I told them hey that would be great cause
every Christmas when they hung on her tree
she would know I was always with her in spirit..
They all got excited about going back to there
Mother land, they had only heard stories of
the magical place..
So I shipped they off to her and every year
at Christmas they hang on her tree, and if you
Listen very carefully you can hear them singing
there lovely songs..

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This is the back of them..

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Sunday, December 16, 2007


Well 10 more days thank God and
it will be over.
Gifts still being made, glitter from
one end of the house to the other.
I quit smoking now for 2 week,
still would love to have one:):)
I have been run over by mice,
I bought 2 different kinds of poison
to kill them they are still here.
Okay I'm pulling my hair out now..
So I thought I would pass along this
poem to live by..

Inspirational food for thougtht
Your words, your dreams,
and your thoughts have the power
to create conditions in your life.
What you speak about, you can bring about.
If you keep saying you can’t stand your job,
you might lose your job.
If you keep saying you can’t stand your body,
your body can become sick.
If you keep saying you can’t stand your car,
your car could be stolen or just stop operating.
If you keep saying you’re always broke,
guess what?You’ll always be broke.
If you keep saying you can’t trust a man or trust a woman,
you will always find someone in your life to hurt and betray you.
If you keep saying you can’t find a job,
you will remain unemployed.
If you keep saying you can’t find someone to love you or believe in you,
our very thoughts will attract more experiences to confirm your beliefs.
Turn your thoughts and conversations around to be more positive
and power packed with faith, hope, love and action.
Don’t be afraid to believe that you can have what you want and deserve.
Watch your “Thoughts,”they become words;
Watch your “Words,”they become actions;
Watch your “Actions,”they become habits;
Watch your “Habits,”they become character;
Watch your “Character”,for it becomes your “Destiny”
So…….To prevent any obstacles…….
Enjoy every minute you live!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Finally finished my 30 cards. I used 3 stamps
I received from Tonniece as one of my birthday
gift (early) . I used bought homemade paper.
I ironed 3 sheets of Angelina. Cut off the fringe
making the Angelina into large squares.
Then I cut up rows and punched them with
a snow flake punch. So I got to use it all on
my cards. Snowflakes on the front, and a cut
out of the strips which were all different shapes.
I used double side tape on the strips, on the
punched out part I sprinkled sparkles:):)
I won't even go into how I colored the stamps
because I used LOTS of different things
to much to mention like 9 different things LOL.
So the ones going out of Canada will all be out by
Fri. I hope everyone likes them..

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Saned 2 they are all different, Scanner isn't
working great with the colors..
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I have stamped three different fairys inside,
this is one of them.
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This is my fav fairy..
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Friday, November 23, 2007


I'm making my own cards, that great but
then you need envelopes, like 30 of them..
So I saw on line some where they made them
with pics from magazines..
I got out my Oprah and Beautiful Homes
magazines and started ripping out whole
pages with interesting pages. I tried to get
them with no writing or faces. That's just my
I undid a envelope traced it on a old plastic
place mate and cut out the template.
You can kind of see through this one, it
made it easier to see where I wanted to
position it on the page.
then traced them and cut them out
then folded.

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Here is the page after I cut it out of
the template. When laying the template down
put it so some of the pic can be seen..
Pages aren't that big so I had to put them on
a slant..

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The bottom one is the back where you
can see the folds and a few more on top...
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Now how lovely did they turn out I absolutly love them....

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Thursday, November 15, 2007


Okay this is a little hard

since I tell all about myself
hard think of things I haven't said LOL.

  1. I was married once, WHAT! yes a very good friend of mine was living here as a refugee. His mother was dying and he wanted to go home and see her before she did. So he asked if I could help him so I did. We got married and he had his chance to see her before she pasted away. We are still best friends, we got divorced and he got married and has a daughter. She came with her dad last Christmas and brought me a gift, she wanted to thank me for helping her father because if I hadn't she wouldn't be here. He always says he owes me his life, I don't think that, he is a very good man...
  2. I run a art group on yahoo called Like Minded Artist, there are some wonderful artist in my group. I have made a lot of fabulous friends all over the world. I feel privileged to call them my friend. I am honoured to have this group..
  3. I have lived on my own for soooo many years I can't fathom it being any other way, well unless I find myself that lovely Scotsman I dream about heheheh!!!!
  4. I have a best friend,Tonniece we have been friends for 40 yrs or so, I wonderful to have a cherished friend for that long and I am blessed to have her in my life.....
  5. By the time I was born my parents were older so they both passed away when I was in my 20s. My oldest sister is 72 and the youngest is 48. My poor mother was having babies most of her life. We were all spread apart so my older sisters were almost like my aunts when I was young. Now we are like sisters..
  6. I have had a chance to travel thanks to my youngest sister Sandy She lives in England, I have been to Germany, beautiful Barcelona, and my favorite place Scotland. I never dreamed I would see any of these places...

7. When I was young I wanted to go to Africa to help the poor, so instead I ended up working and helping the homeless and abused here.. I always knew I was born to help others and I dedicated my life to that. Even just putting a smile on someones face is great thing for me and them...

OK that is finally done, I'm not going to tag anyone else, they have all be tagged before..

Have a wonderful day Dianne

Thursday, November 01, 2007



Very cool house the dressed skeleton moved
about, I ask the older girl if I could take her pic
and she said ya, wait a minutr, I get my sister.
How sweet..
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I'm guessing a little wizard, something
Harry Potterish hehe very cute who
ever he is...
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Dracula was waiting for the kids to come
so he could give them CANDYSSSS.

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A nice Mom all dressed up taking her 2
kiddys in the wagon trick or treating..

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When I first got to her house it was still daylight.
there is a skeleton beside the door. When you go
by him he say in a very deep gruff voice
" Hello, can you give me a drink, have a scary
night, bye"
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Another princess Oh it's Snow White and her
Lizard brother... sorry some of the pics are blurry..
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This is the nieghbours yard before dark.
There is a bat in the pic that flys on a string.
when darness falls its eyes glow....

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This is tooo SPOOKY dun dun dun..
is there a ghost in Jan's kitchen
or what do you see, spooky...
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The grandaughters all ready to go
trick or treating bringing back hugh
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Three checky monkeys, Jan not even in
a costume same old witch herself... LOL
Her 2 grandaughters Mary the giraffe
and Victoria the princess (nice hat
she has been wearing it since she got it.
Dad wears a baseball cap so I guess
this is hers LOL )
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Well look at this little fellow with
a costume from the Lion King.
Soooo cute....
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This is the house nexts to Jans nearly sunset, they
are young parents and have 2
young daughters. you'll have to look at it large
to see everything there...

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Frank carved the Hugh pumpkin, it must
weigh 75 pounds. People kept coming up
to touch it they didn't think it was real..
the can beside it was full of candies..
Jan had a night side table lamp inside.
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The night time ones did't turn out very good, I don't
know if it me, I need a tripod, or its my camera.
The guy next door took one on his nice camera
and it turned out perfect. Maybe my camera
needs new batteries. Geesss who knows.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Look what I have for a screensaver, now I can see
her everyday. Please look at it enlarged and see
how great she looks. She definatly has a Sandra
face on:):), some times I even make faces at her LOL...
I got this off Green's blog, I cropped it, nice shot Joe.
She is in my favorite village I've been to Lavenham.
I have some great memories of being there with her, that is where
the Crooked House Gallery is, love it there..
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