Sunday, December 20, 2009


I made this wreath for my friend Jan,
again not a good pic can't see the colors
to great. I painted the pieces different
greens. So this is my favorite one since
green is my favorite color and I loved
the red crab apples.
I made a blue one for my friend Tonniece
but no pic again I'm hopping she take one
and sends it to me...
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I made this wreath for my DS Suzanne, sorry about
the second pic it pretty blurry. I looks beautiful in her
window though...

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Well I'm all better now thank God!!!!!
I made my cards this year :)....
I used the green background for the ones
I used for my over seas but of course no pics.
I was to much in a hurry to post them...
I used my friend Tonnieces cricket to do the
background and had bought the pieces from Micheal's.
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Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Thought I'd let you know whats finally happening.
After all the test the surgeon says its the netting
I had from a old (10yrs) hernia operation and this is
what is causing all the infection. Sooo he is going to have
to open me up and do a lot of digging to get it out, then
they will have to leave me open to heal. This means
having nurses in twice a day to change the packing.
I went through this after the hernia operation. It will
take up to at least 3 months for me to heal hopefully.
I am going to cut off my Internet service, since I'll be
on my back in bed. Sooo when I'm well enough to get
back to art ans sit at the computer I'LL BE BACK.
I miss you all sooooo much and will be thinking aof all
my friends on line. I'll be looking forward to seeing
every ones blog and all the fabulous work..
Bye for a while.
Yours truly Dianne

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I have been for 3 test and now have to wait
for a consultation with the specialist in the
23 of this month. I still have good days and bad.
I have been doing a little bit of art and went and
and had a great day with my friends Tonniece and
Sheila. I can function when I take my pain pills
but since they are narcotics I only take them when
I have to go out and do something. I don't like to take them
other wises...
Thanks for dropping in..


Last Saturday Sheila and I went to Tonniece's house
for a afternoon of some paper art.
We had some much fun and barrel full 'of laughs.
Some yummy salads too....
This is the box I made, lots of scoring cutting and
folding but worth it. They turned out beautiful.
Pics could have been better, the colors on the inside
box's are washed out. I was glad we got any though.
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These are 2 of Tonniece's boxes, the polka dots
was for her granddaughter. Not great pics of
them hopefully Tonniece puts better ones on her
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Here is Tonniece helping Sheila with the finishing of
her box....
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I printed out these baby shoes from Quietfire site
on white card stock. Inked them with my distressed
ink, punched out some tiny dragonflies. I stamped and
embossed them, added a brad and a flower.
They turned out so DARN cute...

These are Sheila's shoes she drew and colored hers
with pencil cayrons and shimmer stuff. Cute little
tiny round brads and a flower. I can't wait to see
Tonnices, she is going to make her with her
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I bought 25 of Tim Holtz distressed inks, I love them.
I first put some ink on the freezer paper and spritz some
water over it. Then swirled the card stock in it.
No pics of this but I wasn't happy with the results at all.
Then I put some butterscotch rangers ink and water in
a small water bottle, added some pearl X.
I sprintz all the papers with it and" valla" they turned
out gorgeous, hard to see them shimmer but its there.
I stamped the bottom two, the one on the right hand
side has only the sprayed shimmer.
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Friday, June 05, 2009


I'm so thankful, I finally got an
appointment to see a specialist.
I've been getting awfully depressed
being sick since the beginning of this
year. Maybe now they can fix me
up and I can start living again :):).

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Made this one for my besttest buddy Tonniece.
I use more of my inked paper and her lovely punches.

I used in the boarder some of the paper towels
I used under the sprayed
ink paper.

Some sticky canvas labels for some sentiment.
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Made this for my DS Martha my oldest and sweetest Sis..
I used some inked paper I made for
background. I visited Tonniece
She has a lovely array of punches so I used a bunch
of her scrap paper to use them..
It's not exactly straight but that's me a little off LOL..
I also made her a round wooden box I decorated to
use as a sewing box, she does quilting.
Sadly I didn't get a pick of it maybe another day ...
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Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well got my cat scan now waiting for specialist
Cloth Paper Scissors is having a charm swap,
so since I have a lot of these pieces I thought I'd
make a few and swap some. Then I will have enough
for a bracelet. They are almost the same as the ones
I made before but with no beads, I like them better just
plain. I took me a long time to do them but finally finished
and even got them posted.......
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Sunday, March 08, 2009


Hey All
Life still the same getting bored out of my mind.
Good news is I finally have a appt. for a cat scan
on March 17th LOL St Patty's day, should I ware
Hopefully after that they will be able to schedule
the operation to fix me up.
I miss visiting and seeing all my creative friends.
I'll keep you posted.
Big hugs to you all....

Monday, February 09, 2009


I want to thank ever one for there well wishes.
I'm still not any better, They took me off the antibiotics
an I'm now waiting to get a cat scan at the hospital. No idea
how long that will take. I'm still on liquids no solid food,
good way to lose weight LOL..
Stay in bed most of the time hurts to sit to long..
I miss every one so much, thanks again ,I try to
keep you all up to whats going on....

Friday, January 23, 2009


I thought I would let everyone know I have been sick
since second week of Dec.. First with a deadly chest cold
then had the flue. I thought I had ripped my hernia with
all the coughing. I went to the ER, they said I have an infection
gave me antibiotics. I can only have liquids or I'm in a lot
of pain. The antibiotics will be finish tomorrow, but I still
am having the same problem. So I will have to see the doctor
on Mon. I'm pretty sure they will have to do some kind of
exploratory operation to see what is going on inside of me.
It really hurts to sit which is why I can't stay on the computer
too long. I miss seeing all my friends blogs and to see what everyone
is creating... Hopefully will know better next week what is going
on. I'll post and let you all know.. Thanks to all who were thinking
of me...