Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Just a few pretty pics of the clouds you know how I love them..
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Across the road form his house nice skys at sunset.

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He also grew some tomatoe plants in the front of his house.
He is getting so domesticated..
He's been using miracle grow and grow they did...
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His tomatoes are huuuugh.
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Look at them in my hand it fit my whole hand amzing.
When I talk to him the other day he said they fit in
his hands which are hugh, to bad we won't be able
to taste them. I do have to say the Niagra area
has the best tasting tomatoes.
I just want for Aug and then live on our tomatoes.

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This is the trailer we use at the reunion and
my private apt, when we stay at his house.
Scardy cat Sue sleeps in the house, he does live
in town, orrrrr it could be my snoring.
I sound just like my Mom, another
lovely trait I inherited from her LOL...
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This year we were suprized to see Henry
had made a small rock garden beside his
porch. If you knew my bro, he is rough and tuff
hunting kind a guy. I think he is getting old LOL...
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I brought the rocks from the reunion spot,
the black and white rock and the small
one beside it, it has waves in it, to add to his rock garden..
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Nice rock in the back..
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Henry's shed who knows whats in there scary LOL..
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Look at the fabulous shadows on Henry's shed door..
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Henry took us with him to Mable and Bills house.
They are an older couple in their eightys.
This is behind their property.
Henry cuts their grass for them
and helps them out with odd jobs.
I wish I had taken more pics here.
They are a sweet couple who
ran a lodge on Bear Lake for years
before they retired. I wanted to go
there at night to see the meteor shows
since there are no light by their house.
But scardy cat Sue wouldn't go unless
Henry came with us, Henry doesn't care
about the star, sky's meteor showers .
He says the stars are there every night.
He went to bed while Sue and I stayed
outside up till around 3ish am to see them
It was the first time in 5 yrs the skys
were clear and no moon so we saw some
beautiful meteors..

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This Lily was beautiful and had a lovley aroma..
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How cool is this, Her brother made it from different
rakes, then she painted it. TOO cool..

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I love these but ALWAYS forget what they are called..
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These are my favorite kind of tiger lilies, I
tried to use the for my fabric pages but
I found then way to hard to make a stamp
of them..
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A whole bunch of them, love them...
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These are such a pretty blue
but don't know the name of them.
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Some beautiful black eyed suzies...
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Her is Sue scoffing some of their cut wood, LOL..
She even got Henry and Bills who's wood it is
to help carry them. She is too funny...
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Woohoo what a sunset..
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Well the suns almost down and time to say goodnight..
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