Saturday, May 31, 2008


Well from this side it looks perfect. I got really cool
beads to go on the top and started to put them on,
untill I saw the other side OMG....
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I put it with the letters backwards.
As I was adding the hinges gluing it all,
I made sure I spelled the word right. They
are in the right order just backwards.
I don't have a clue how I can fix this.
I used cheese cloth to make the hinges,
put in the chop sticks and glued them
between the pages. If anyone has any
idea how I can fix this please let me know
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I've thrown out my couch and rearranging my front
room into my studio. I removed all the curtains.
There is frosted mac tac on the windows, they are
street level so can't have anyone seeing in.
Lots of light now.
The side street runs right into my window, which is
a poison arrow so painting this Pau Kau shape will
ward of any of them into my apartment.
I am arrange my studio with Feng Shui...
I have to paint a ying and yang sign in the middle
and I should be finish, them can move my desk under
my window. I also got 3 more shelving unites for all
of my supplies...

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Pages are almost all done, ready to be put together..
I'm using the
A New Earth book for my theme...

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A couple of close ups..
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A couple of fancy tree trunks she has there
At night they are lite up with dragonfly lights..
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Very cool outside fire place the Man built..
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This is Jan's Mate his is grrreat:):)
Here he is getting the veggie garden ready..
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They were born in Jan's attic. Thsey finally got them out.
They are going to put them in the woods where he already
dropped off the Mom..
They were so CUTE>>>
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Monday, May 12, 2008


I am pretty proud of this gift. I just cut it out
no pattern. It was a little small, so I added a
few pieces sewed together then added it to
make it larger. I added some wooden handles.
I had to reinforced the top, so I used my trusty
crop-a-dial and added a silver chain around the
top added 2 more pockets.. I hope she likes it..
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This side I did a big pocket then sewed a place
for her to put a pen, ruler, scissors. I used a
pleather (leather like) material I got from Sandy...

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I lined the whole bag with this lovely purple material..

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Sunday, May 04, 2008


Wohoo sewed up the pages, used new thread and
filled up bobbin and no real problems, this is a
first, LOL..
I sewed felt on 6 of the pages and only sewed the
water color paper on the back sides...
I am putting inspirational sayings, shesh should
have done that before I sewed them...
Oh well it will be a little harder this way,
no easy way for me LOL..

I also started to do hand hand sewing on my paper
quilt a few pics down. I had to but embroidery
needles, its looking good, pics when I'm finished..
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The color was to bright for my project so I
used a wet tea bag and sponged it all over.
I cut up the pieces while it was damp.
The edges were white so I stuck all the edges
in the tea. They look much better now...
More latter...
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Saturday, May 03, 2008


I wet the water color paper and poured ink on it.
I will be cutting it up an putting it on my little
divider I'm making..
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