Friday, May 25, 2007


Yahoooooo I love how this turned out.
Pics a little blurring can't keep my hands still.
I soaked a goo piece of water color paper
for about 2 hours till it was all wet..
then I poured different colors of ink.
the put the plastic wrap on scrunched
the plastic. Left it to dry over night.
This morning I rolled over the plastic
the Left if for an hour then removed the
I want to thank
Sherre again for this fantastic tec. She is an inspiration...
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A lovely close up..
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


OKAY I'll try this again posted this once and
blogger quit on me.
I tried the tec on Sherre's blog
she is one of the owners of Art Tecnique group
belong to.
I didn't use water color paper but 2 pieces of
paper from a my art journal Sandy gave me.
I had pounded some flower on it.
I soaked the paper then put it on freezer paper.
Then I dropped different colors of ink on it.
Then put plastic wrap on top scrunched up
a bit, left it to dry over night. Then removed the plastic.
When it was dry I stamped one Tonniece lent me
with script on it one in gree the other in red.
I sprayed the paper with poster paint mixed
in a spray bottle red...
Then I dipped a small little tree branch in my glod leaf.
Ran the twig all over the paper.
I wanted to use them on one side of my game board I'm
altering for some charms I'm making.
So I gave a piece to tonniece and will do it
again on water color paper the right size this time..
More on this later....
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Close up....
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Another close up..
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Monday, May 21, 2007


I made a journal for a very special Lady
in my life. Tonnieces Mother who took
me in and became my Mom too..
She is 78 and is have trouble remembering
things, so I thought if she wrote some things
down it would help her. I love that Lady very
much. She made a huge differences in my
life growing up and showed me what
a Mothers love was really like...
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Inside the book cover I put a Confucian teaching.
Then I wrote a blurb of my own:):)
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I made the bookmark from a belt
end Jan had cut off, I have 3 of them
so I have 2 more to make...
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I got the saying from an Oprah
magazine, I did change the wording
a tich..
When I only begin to write, (read)
I forget I'm on this world.
It lifts me on wings
with high thoughts...
-Anzia Yezierska Novelist..
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Sunday, May 20, 2007


I was out for the day with Sue and
my griend Shiela, real sunny and warm.
We stop at a resturaunt called Rivers
Bend in Caladonia.. We had lunch out side
Beautiful day for our Long weekend..
Later on We stop at an old Country Store
selling local fruit and vegtables. It's on a
apple farm. They were selling plants
and since I live in a basement apt.
I thought I would just take pics of
the flower. Sue and Shiela got a flat
of different kinds to take home with them.....
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Fabulous view of the Grand River,
wow you would have to have awfully
long legs and a great balance to ride
this 2 wheeler... I know there is a name
for this bycycle but can't think of it..
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Anothe view of it..
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Don't know what they were
but interesting red...
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Orange, I do like orange flowers..
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Yellow and purple stunning..
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The blues and white very pretty..
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I love how the sun shines on
these ones turning almost
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Lovely blue petunias..
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Gorgeous 2 tone purple petinias..
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Pretty little blue flowers,
don't know what they are called either.
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Begonias of course..
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Petunias and don't know what
the pretty little orange ones are..
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Wee Willies, so cute, I know a little
Scottish fella we call Wee Willie..
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These were my favorites..
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Little For get me nots, not sure
what they are
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