Friday, February 23, 2007


I couldn't make up my mind how to decorate this one.
I was going to use tea tags, but I found some pics
of different teas brewing in cups. So I used them and
a couple of pics of tea blosssom and tea plant....
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I put gold aroun the tea to make it look like
they are in a cup, that hasn't worked yet...
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All wrapped up and ready to go, I stamped Celtic circle all over the pkg.
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Thwe outher side of the tag. I used the same
thread to make the tassle..
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The front tag.
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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Well I tried for 2 days to get on to my blog,
I finally downloaded the new blogger.
I posted lastnight " alot" then this morning none
of my pics were showing. Its giving me problems
won't let me Blogthis from my picasa. My pics in
my documents are yucky can't fix them.
I read on blogger help they are having
a problem with this and they are trying to
work it out. Would have been nice had they
worked out this programme before getting
everyone to change over.. I'll try to post something
soon I hope..

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I have finally finished my first art quilt.
I can finally send the gift to my sweet friends in germany.. The lines I sewed are not all even or in perfect circles on the back (no FM) it was hard because of the thickness..
I do have to say I'm quit proud of my first attemp.....

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Made a new pic with the word happy
the background is black but not to
sure who would think black is happy
but me:):).. Posted by Picasa
So I sewed the circle on with copper
thread in a cross pattern so now its attached.. Posted by Picasa
I put a little bit of gold cream on the tips of the
fungus and the piece of bark you really can't
see it in the pic but it looks much better to my eye.. Posted by Picasa


We have snow up to our kazoosys..
( well really our knees ).Still more to
come, they said we will
get up to 70C by tonight. Everything
is closed, kids are having the day off to
play in it. I don't think I will be venturing
out to soon...
I live on a main road and these are the
only ones plowed, side roads still full of snow.. They have been to busy
plowing the high ways and there have been
hundreds of accidents on all the major

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Saturday, February 10, 2007


I tried the tec. on Try it Tues,
using gesso, added some foil, salt and sugar.
Let it dry then painted it with watered down
acrylic paints also added some Pearl Ex.
Not crazy about the look so I'll try another one..
I don't think I watered the paint enough...

My Buddy Doug came over to visit, it was his sewing machine I have.. He got some thread on my bobbin.
I started to sew the back of my Celtic piece, almost finished it, the needle broke ggrrrr. So I searched for and hour found another needle set it all up started to sew then the thread broke so I shut down the machine and will try again today, I really want to finish it and send it.... Thats it for now.... Posted by Picasa
I have a lot of little frames so I decided to
do some mixed media art for them here
is my first attemp. I didn't notice the stain
around the stamp till I took the pic,
dang I don't know how that got there.
I'm peeved about this now .. Posted by Picasa
Here is the second one I made but I don't
know what to use to attach the copper circle
with out the glue showing.. any suggestions.. Posted by Picasa
Finished the tree box, I added a piece of bark
with a piece of fungus for the top. Its just not
shinny enough for my magpie eye, so what do
you guys think should I add a bit of gold??? Posted by Picasa
Well I made more charms used cheap clay, it
took 2 days of putting them in and out of
my toaster oven, them I painted them, painted
gold leaf around edges. I don't like how they
turned out.. So will try again, with better clay..
I carved chineses cahracters in the centre.. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Using Toilet paper To Cast On Mold

When I was at Tonniece's the other day she showed me how she did this on her stamps.
Well I just love this, it easier the paper casting.
I'm hooked, I'm going to try most of my stamps and keep them for futher use..
Oh and my beautiful background piece is a piece of dyedor distressed velvet Marion gave me I love the colours..
You put mabe 5 or 6 pieces of toilet paper on your stamp or mold the I used acrylic watered down paint and some watered down silk dye.
I used a soft stiple brush. Then just dabbed my colors on added more water in spots to blend the colors more.. So easy and I like how it come out, I will try different tec. with this... Posted by Picasa
This one I only used water and since it has
writing on it I'll have to use it this way indented
instead of the raised side. Tonnice says if you
want to paint it after it loses its shape off the mold. Posted by Picasa
This is the 3rd stamp.. Posted by Picasa
This is with tissue paper I had with some water paint already on
so the colors blended a bit, but you have to put a wieght
on the tissue paper because it warped while drying.
This didn't happen to the toilet paper ones Posted by Picasa
This is done on a ceramic dragon piece you hang on the wall Posted by Picasa

The Nicolai Church

This is the famous Lutheran church also
in the downtown area. In 1989 they had
a peaceful revolution there and still have
peace prayers today.. If you want more
history on this click here,
You'll have to translate the page I don't know
why it won't come in translated..
Okay I'm off to bed...

Magpies Envy
Beautiful painting on the walls under the domes.. Posted by Picasa
Two dome ceilings off to the side of the entrance way.
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