Monday, January 30, 2006

I made this table for our family reunion. There is a lot of talent in the marcoux family, they either play music,artist, and great cooks.I did the top and sides in beautiful broken glass and painted the bottom in a marble pattern.. Posted by Picasa

Well I said it had been raining and its raining again, but this is at my brothers house, he lives in Espanola in Northern Ont. this was snow from today, brrrrrrr to cold for me!! Posted by Picasa

This is the box I made for the journal gift.. Posted by Picasa

I made 2 candle shades, out of bamboo placemates.... Posted by Picasa

A trivet for a gift..I did mosaic then used copper tape around the border. Posted by Picasa

side view,it matches the ottoman it's sitting on and chair, I used the pattern from the material they were covered in Posted by Picasa

I made this tray as a gift Posted by Picasa

These are Just a few beautiful cards and bags my dear friend Tonnice made for the holidays.We both just got back into our art work and its great to have someone to share your passion with... Thank God for my best friend... Posted by Picasa

This was my very first swap. We had to make a book from CDs, I went a little crazy, I covered everthing about music.. I ended up with over 20 side I had cover, but I loved they way it turned out Posted by Picasa

My friends father is a garage sale junky, he is always getting of things lots of stuff for my art.So I made him a treasure box. I covered it with torn brown mailing paper, then stained it and galsed it for a Leather look.. Posted by Picasa

I did a ATC swap last year and Goddess was my word to interprete, the swap which I hosted was one of the best experences I had.. Posted by Picasa

I made this a few yrs ago, she is Queen of the Bird Fairies, she is a Magpie bird fairy... Her eyes are all seeing!!! Posted by Picasa

Magpies Envy

Its the end of January already, it just stop raining..
Can you believe it, we have had such a warm winter, hardly any snow, lots of rain (which I have been loving). It should be at least - and a least a foot of snow, its been great..
I'm back looking after the group I belong to Like Minded Thread with Yahoo. I was a luker for a year then started talking, our group mom Jill Smith made me a moderator. Then Jill started teaching classes in textile art, so asked if I would be Co=owner and give her more time to do her classes.
From all the encouragement from Jill my DS Sandy and all the wonderful Ladies on our group, it gave me the courage to call myself a artist....
Since paper is my first love I have joined 2 more groups 1 on inktransfer and 1 on Beeswax, I'll be learning all kinds of new technique ...
I'm going to post some more of my older work, so keep an eye here...

Magpies Envy

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Magpies Envy

Well this is enough for today, I'm hoping this blog keeps me creating... I'm just finishing up a few journals for friends then on to art everyday (well hopefully:))....
So keep watching the magpie....

Magpies Envy

Last year I was in a swap with my dear friends at LMT Group, they are a wonderful and talented group, also joined because my DS Sandy... These are the front.. Posted by Picasa

These are the back of the bookmarks, did I mention they were bookmarks... I used paper and textile.... Antique lace... Posted by Picasa

I made this single screen for my sister's Christmas gift... Posted by Picasa

Back of the purse, This was my first attempt using textile, all done by hand... Posted by Picasa

Made a treasure purse for a swap last year. Front of the bag... Posted by Picasa

Made all my family Chritmas decoration, and made my cards on the computer, this year. Posted by Picasa

Made this for my oldest and dearest friend Posted by Picasa

I made the leaves for stamps, have to mount them.. Also some heads and words to use in my mixed art.... I used Sculpey III... Posted by Picasa

These are some small ones I made... Posted by Picasa

I made this one with texture, I used gesso over a cotton mesh the painted it gold, more stickers and old earrings.... Posted by Picasa

Magpies Envy

Oopps lost the picture :):)
Then I trimed it with material, added some writing and a old earring... I like to make a page marker and always with something hanging off of it, my Niece told me it was my trade mark, I like that.....

Magpies Envy

First I I poged some tissue paper to foil,added some silver sparkle, glued it to the book cover. Posted by Picasa

Magpies Envy

Okay then I did it, I'll post a few more......
Absolutely Fabulous!!!!!

Magpies Envy

This is one of my decorated Journals Posted by Picasa

Magpies Envy

Well my sister finally got me going on my own blog.
About 6 yrs ago I started making friends & family gifts for birthdays, Xmas ect. This started me creating again, I make mosaics, shrines, altered everything, and have started getting into textile art..
So I'll try to post some pics of my work ( hopefuly (G))....
This is my DS blog..

Magpies Envy

Magpies Envy


One for sorrow.
Two for joy.
Three for a letter.
Four for a boy*.
Five for silver.
Six for gold.
Seven for a secret never to be told.

The amount of magpies you see relates to a line in the poem and foretells of something ( i.e. if you see two magpies something of Joy, will soon will happen to you ). If you see only one magpie then you're supposed to say to the magpie
"Good morning, Mr Magpie, how's your wife?" to ward off any future sorrow. ( Note: time of day or actual sex of the magpie is irrelevant;) the greeting stay remains the same)
can mean for instance, the immient arrival of a baby boy or girl. Boy is used simply because it rhymes with 'joy'.

Magpies Envy