Thursday, March 22, 2007


I learned a great lesson for myself on the puzzle pieces.
I started with the background, I had a pic from National
Geographic ( one of my favorite magazines), its an aerial
view I think of a salt sea bed or floor, I just loved the color and
shapes made by nature, awesome..
I cut out the shapes, glued them on, used a gold ink pad
around the edges. Then my muse, slipped right out of my body.
I didn't have any idea what to do next.
These puzzles pieces are the larger children's ones, but still
only a small area to decorate.. Some of them are done brilliantly.
Next time a theme first then the background would be no problem..
It took me a couple of days to find and idea to do them, finding
written words ( from magazine cut ups) gave me the idea..
I do like how they turned out, but theme first LOL..
Here are some examples...
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All finished embellishing and wired together...

I added a bit of coffee filter on them, used

plain modge poge while it was still sticky

I put gold leaf on it, worked fine..

I redid the edges with a gold ink stamp

and stamped a small Celtic swirl. Then used

copper embossing, and used the heat gun to

affix it.. Glued the words on and used hot glue

to add the bits and bobs.. I used copper wire

to string them together, used some copper yarn

to be able to hang it..Posted by Picasa

Bottom piece...
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This is a photo, only one not all blurryyy.
The pic is closer to the image then
the scanned ones..
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This is how it looks all together...
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My dear friend Jan bends down at works and picks
up these little pieces off the floor while the rude men laugh
and tell her she is crazy.. WRONG, nope just a sweet heart.
Are they not gorgeous, I haven't figured how I'm going to use
them but I will...
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I went to the market last Sat, this is only one of the
beautiful flower stalls there.. In the middle is my favorite
flowers, Star Gazer Lillie's.. My dear friend Sheila bought
me bouquet of them for me
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Five days later they still are beautiful..
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Sunday, March 18, 2007


Had to post this for my DS Shirley she is just
waiting for the first robin, spring to get here.
Then she can go up to her cottage on the French River.
She will be moving up there this year.. I'll miss her, so
will only be able to see her in the summer now...
Mind you we did get a few more inches of snow
the day after this pic was taken.....
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Sheila's Doll

My dear friend Sheila was visting and I had given her
a photo copy of instuctions of a doll for her to make..
Well she came over and I let her use some of my
supplies.. She made this for a friend who isn't feeling well.
I think it is so cute...
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

This is the lid she did with the box for the doll..
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I started this piece to do the elements.
Fire in the background earth, wind ,water..
The piece became very dark, meaning..
like the elements are getting out of
control, with mans help it ruining the earth.
Storms everywhere, the waters are all
polluted.. I never did anything like this before.
You know me happy, pretty, sparkly..
Global warming is a big thing with me,
I hate whats happening, so I guess it came out here.
I still have to do some words on it, I'm trying to
figure out how to do that.
I used a beautiful shiny scarf , used puff fabric
paint on it. Used a coffee filter for the world.

I put some light blue organza over the filter.
I have a fab piece of textile quilted from Marion (artmixer)
to make the continents.. I used gauze and pva
and some paint on the hurricanes..
Any Idea how I can add words to it????

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Close up on the piece..
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All framed up, I like hoe it makes the art pieces pop out..
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Finished with the frame.
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Saturday, March 10, 2007


This is my first attempt at using wax.
I PVA 4 different pieces of fancy tissue
paper then waxed some script, a zen quote,
a vintage photo, a defeniton for friends.
I waxed on 2 of the tissue cast shoes, a tyvek
bead I made and a few bits and bobs.
I used some metalic red,green and some
gold over the was to blend the pic together..
It sure is a messy process, I put the
beeswax in the crock pot. Then had to use
my heat gun to smooth the wax around.
I think I have to get a small travelling iron
which would make it easier to smooth
things out..
All and all I do like how it turned out..
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Two questions today, this bought from Charity shop.
It is wrapped in a very loose netting. The inside is
reallllly soft. Does anyone know if it is used as rope
or taken out of the netting to use the inside.
Any takers.... I have no idea what this is for...
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I bought this also at the charity shop for
$4.00 but can anyone tell me how to attach the
material to it?????
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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Ok tried to delete one of the post
since it posted twice, it deleted the one
with the pic in it, not the Xs one, dang...
Anyway I have to thank Carol in
beautiful Scotland for the inspiration.
She shared a gorgeous piece of hand
dyed abaca tissue, green blue yellow...
Used a piece of matching material,
glued a piece of the abaca on top.
Used a piece of textured paper for
the border, painted it with liquied
gold leaf. Added a clay face and word.
Also painted them gold. Added bits of jewlery
and some trim and tassles....
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They are both around 5 by 7 in, still
have to frame them..
I used some of the dyed paper I brought
back from England when we were dyeing.
Some cotton....
I photo copied 4 small old chinese drawings.
cut each up in 4 pieces. Coloured the with gen pens,
giving it the shine. Made them into a big scrambled
puzzle. Framed all the piece in copper tape.
Added some extra wire a couple of bits and bobs..
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Sunday, March 04, 2007


Well no art pics to show yet so I'm
going to try to finish the last few pics from
my holidays...
This is the biggest mall in Germany, and we didn't
even see all of it..
When you first get there, you enter a tunnel.
Its a big art structure, when the wind blows
through it, its like a big instuments and all
these notes start to play and all the colour
flying around you. and these multy colours
lighting up all around you.
Sybille said it was the first she has seen and heard this
and she has been there quite a few time..
It was a really windy day just for us to see this
most amasing art structure..
The mall has the fabulous fountains all different,
I love the sound of running water so this was
very exciting for me. It was quite a feast for
the eyes and ears......
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It was hard to take pics of this...
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Fantastic giant stones with the water sliding
down the sides..
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