Sunday, December 31, 2006

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Hey blogger didn't post 2 of my pics, any way this is the front of the box, I used my DB old leather jacket, yes he wore this when he was young LOL. you can't really see the color, its light brown and gold.. Posted by Picasa

Exchanging gifts at Tonnices..

Yesterday Sue and I went to Tonniecs to exchange christmas gifts I also made her a box for her calighraphy pens and brushes. I put broken stainglass around the edge and used glass marbles to do the flowers inside...
Well its over now and things can get back to normal, whatever that is.. Posted by Picasa

Look at the gorgeous purse Tonnice gave me. Posted by Picasa

The fabulous card Tonniece made for me.. Posted by Picasa


This is our big Brother Kerry and his wife, Tonniece and I went for Christmas dinner.
When I met Tonniece 40 some odd years ago her family made me a part of their family.
Most of the gang was there, the kids are nutters, so lots of good food a lots of laughs was had by all.
I do love my second family very much... Posted by Picasa

This is Tonnieces nephew Kyle and girlfriend, he belongs to Kerry .. Posted by Picasa

This is Tonnice and her beautiful niece Jody, she is Shanes daughter. a real sweetheart. Posted by Picasa

Here is the little sweet heart, he is such a good baby... Posted by Picasa

This is Jamals Mom (Tonnieces DS).she is the proud grama of little Gabrial. She has waited a long time for this little puddin... Posted by Picasa

These kids are jokers hard to get a desent pic of them. This is Tonnices nephew Jamal and his wife and her daughter Posted by Picasa

This is Tonnieces brother Shane son Ryan and his Daughter. Shane lives out west and her youngest brother Blain also lives out west... Posted by Picasa

This is Ryan and his son Treasure and his is one.. Posted by Picasa

This is Tonnices youngest Cory, its the best pic I could get, she wouldn't stop making faces. Posted by Picasa

This is Tonnices oldest daughter Misty.. Posted by Picasa

Well here is all the kids showing off they are beautys.. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Here is the big guy, every Christmas my DB comes down and always takes all of us sisters to dinner. We went and had a fab dinner and then went to Shirley's house for dessert and to exchange gift with those we hadn't seen yet..
Well we had a wonderful night and a barrel full of laughs, my DB is quite the joker and just keeps us laughing.. Sandy hope you like these pics, miss you... Posted by Picasa

This is my Grandmother (my Dad's Mom).. Shirleys kids got it blown up for Christmas. I was named after her... Posted by Picasa

Look at the gorgeous box Sue made me its beautiful. Isn't it funny we both made boxes for each other...  Posted by Picasa

Sue also gave me 2 book marks she made.. Posted by Picasa

Here is Martha the eldest, and she has the least wrinkles go figure.... Posted by Picasa

This is my lovely Cousin Terry we were at her house last night having a party with her kids.Tons of food and tons of laughs... Posted by Picasa

Shirley and Sue, Shirley say herself on my blog and said she was gonna smile all the time now LOL... Posted by Picasa

I told my DB how thin he looked from the back, well joker he is kepp showing his back to us and saying he was gonna start coming in the door backwards. He has lost 45 pounds. Posted by Picasa

Suzie Q, they are learning to smile now LOL... Posted by Picasa