Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My DS was taking pics around my apt. These turned out fabulous.. I had bought them in a Charity shop in England for a pound, I think I will have to get them framed... I hope to get more deals over there in 3 more sleeps. Posted by Picasa

Embroidered Silk 2 Posted by Picasa

Another pic I made for a gift.. It says " with love to my older sister" Posted by Picasa

This is for my DS Sandy guess who???? Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 27, 2006

These are from Rebecca, we did a one on one swap, you had to make 4 cards of your favorite things ( I put the pic of the ones I sent ). These are the beautiful ones I received back. Its a real special thing to recieve other peoples art.So if your in a group do join a swap you won't regret it I promise... Posted by Picasa

Magpies Envy

I help run a yahoo group called Like Minded Threads....
I might be a little bias, but we have the best group on line..
The Ladies are so talented and so willing to share their knowledge.
We have all kinds of artist, textile,paper, knitters, beaders, embroiders, mixed media, there so so much talent its scary.. My DS got me involed with the group 3 yrs ago, I lurked for a year, I was very shy...
Now I help run the group, this group gave me the confidence to call myself a mixed media artist, if not for all of them I would just still be making gifts for friends and family...
Last year I got to host a ATC swap, the ladies all sent there cards to me and I then made pkges to send back to them. It was truly a humbling experince and oh so rewarding.. I got to see all the cards first, and when you see each set in its own grouping, they are awesome, truly beautiful.... They all sent me a goody bag for exchange for the cost of postage, I certainly got the best out of the deal, a few of the Ladies sent me a couple of extra ATCs, one even sent me one made by her young daughter... It was a life changing experince, THANKS to my Lovely Ladies on my group, love them....
I hope you enjoy looking at thier art as much as I got from recieving them...

Magpies Envy

These are a few extras I got in the swap. Posted by Picasa

Amber ATCs Posted by Picasa

Patti Pinks ATCs Posted by Picasa

Karylee ATCs Posted by Picasa

Helens ATCs Posted by Picasa

Alexis ATCs Posted by Picasa

Robyns ATCs Posted by Picasa

Here's the pic of my beautiful sisters after dinner. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Magpies Envy

Went out with 4 of my sister to Montanas for dinner, a great time was had by all....
So I made them cards, I found a perfect poem, and added pics of things they liked, just to let them know I love them... I'll be leaving for England in 5 more sleeps. I have few nice surprises for Sandy to bring with me, and we had her with us in our heart and conversation (only good things:):) )
I'll have a pic of us at the resturant tomorrow...
Cheers to you Sandy, from your sisters, Love ya!!!!!

Magpies Envy

Verse inside them.. Posted by Picasa

Martha and Jeanne's cards.. Posted by Picasa

Suzanne and Shirley card.. Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 20, 2006

Sue took a pic of some of the books I recoverd Posted by Picasa

My DS Sue made me this absolutely fabulous Journal to take on my trip to the UK in 13 more sleeps, I can write all the wonderful things I will see and do, can't wait.. Posted by Picasa

inside the front cover, all sorts of cards and pics of,Cambridge,England and Scotland, she put images of pounds and tartans on the top of the pages, it wonderful.... Posted by Picasa

inside back cover Posted by Picasa

Back cover Posted by Picasa

Magpies Envy

When inspiration comes to you,
Whats in this box will help you....

Write down your thoughts when they first come,
Write down evry single one...

And then when all is said and done,
You'll see your not the ony one..

Who's thoughts come in the blink of an eye,
One second the're there, and then they die...

Those projects in your head are GREAT,
As long as you don't hesitate...

My poem Tonnice wrote, don't you love it, she is so talented...

Magpies Envy

Sunday, February 19, 2006

This is my fabulous Treasure Box my best friend Tonniece made for me I asked her to.. She even wrote a poem on the lid... Posted by Picasa

Heres the inside, had to get the kids to hold the little extras that came inside , Tonniece even made the little note pad, so cute. She used an candy cane box, how cool is that, Sue brought Bonnie over for a play day with Mac and Rudy... There are five slots in it , for technique, color, shapes, add ons (embelishments) project ( doll, atc, postcards). So you write on little pieces of papers shapes, colors ect. fold them up put them in the slots .... Then you pick one thing from each slot and you have to create something from what you've picked....... You never run out of inspiration. One of the lovely ladies from my group, Robyn told me she does this, and uses her beautiful treasure box her best friend made for her.. Which brings us back to why I was lucky that Tonnice said she would make me one, and I just love it. Thanks to my oh so talented Friend Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My lovely Princesses they turned out better then I expected.. I have fun making them and stretched my art by using fabric... They'll be in the post tomorrow... Posted by Picasa

Here there are, the back of the ATC cards Posted by Picasa