Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Finally, the ink is all done. This is just 1 pail..
I'm going to leave the other pail full untill I
get back from visiting Sandy..
I got a lot of ink from this batch, but I think the other
batch will be better. The walnuts will all be black and
well rippened.. I'd like to get rid of some on ebay

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Okay its boiled for 12 well 12 1/2 hrs , had to wait till Cory was over:):)
I'm going to have to let it cool a bit before I try to strain it.
I don't have a big colander si I'm goning to put a pair of pantyhose over the bucket and then pour it in. Its real heavy.. I put a pic of the testing paper I was using all day to see how dark it was getting.. It is dark..
Well its to late to start boiling again so I'll continue in the morning, to boil it till it is thick enough..
The recipe calls for denatured alcohol, which is alcohol mixed with toxin ingredients, so I wonder if I can use mineral spirits to add to it so it dosn't go moldy..
I've check all over the web, not sure where I could buy denatured alcohol?? Any ideas on the mineral spirits if I should use them????


On a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend I went to pick some black walnuts.
I've been waiting all summer for them to be rippen, I'm getting brave and going
to make my own walnut ink for us girls... The price of walnut ink is outragous
12oz for $6 very pricey so here goes. They pic above is a pailfull of the walnuts
I picked 2 of them and a pail full in the pot, so should have enough for a life time LOL..
I found two reciepe on line and I'm trying them out...
I soak them in the pot over night, turned the heat on low (7am) and have to simmer it for 12hrs
then strain it and simmer it again for another 12hrs, So well see how it goes I'll keep you posted.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Magpies Envy

Hello All.
I'm having a problem with my computer
again, so haven't been able to post any pics.
I've also been working on a special book
for a very special Lady. I will post pics of it
after it is recieved.. I miss posting pics here
so bad it makes me blue..
I'm leaving for the UK in 7 more sleeps.
I'm getting pretty excited now.
Hopefully I can get my comp. fixed
before I go and will be able to post
pics again.. So know I'm around and
commenting on all my blogger friends..

Magpies Envy