Wednesday, June 27, 2007


While I was blogging I heard some thunder
then I checked the weather station.Wahoo
look whats coming at us, thank God.....
I heard the rain hit my air conditioner
and ran outside to take some pics and to
stand in it, to FEEL it. I'm a happy camper
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Finally see the grass we really need this
rain, its been 102 degrees fahrenheit
for the last 2 day and now the lord has
given us some release..
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The rain is coming is waves with
the heavy winds..
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Look how fast the water is
accumulating on the street
and it only been 5 min..
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Its only getting better yipppeee..
Thunder and lighting raining harder..
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It sure comes in handy to have things you
made hanging around
This weekend my niece and her husband
Cathy & Tom are celebrating their 25 yr
anniversary. Which is silver of course.
So I got the coffee tray I made and added
a few sayings and wrote on the sides with
SILVER Pen, think that counts LOL.
I will tell them it is for there cottage.
Tom has MS and is retired this year
so I want them to spend every day as
a special one. They are both very sweet
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This is one side with silver pen....
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The other side.
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I haven't doodled in years, I was
at Jan's house and did one while
I was watching C.S.I. ......
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Friday, June 22, 2007


Tonniece took me to a card making workshop..
We made 3 lovely cards easy peasy if you have
all the things you need to make them..
These are just 2 which I scanned the other is
a pop up its on Tonniece's blog
The top one has a pocket up front, the
next one you use special paper its like a photo paper
using a brayer to mix the colors and then stamped.
It is definatly my favorite...
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Sunday, June 17, 2007


Yesterday we went to Tonniece's daughters Cory for her girls
birthday party.. It was a beautiful day, she lives in the country
on a large property. They have 4 HUGH trees beside the house.
They had the table set out there for us. There was a beautiful
breeze blowing keeping us cool and out of that nasty glaring sun:):)
Tonniece was painting faces, they had tattoo's for them also..
They have a above ground pool. Taylor is 11 and Kendra is 6
so the children were a mix of ages..
Cory did a fabulous job with the party, it was so organized we
heard no crying, screaming, whining, just lots of laughter..
She had all sorts of games to play
different times for the kids in the pool while others were playing the
games, tons of prizes..We all had a fantastic time..
I love kids and don't often get to be around them, I'm sure I had as
much fun a the kids did..
The night before I whipped up 2 gifts, I took 2 potato chip cans and
personalized them, they are to hold pen and pencils.. Pics below..
What a wonderful day I had....
Tonnice will be puttin pics of the party later
This was Taylor's can
she is a little older so
I made it a little more
grown up...
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The front of Kendra's can..
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Back of the can...
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Thursday, June 14, 2007


Is doing a word challange..
A word that discribes you...
I thought for 2 days and I
thought CREATIVE kind of
suits me...
I used paper I made, some
wax rubbings, dyed paper, and
a puzzle cut out..
A smal piece of organza and
felt burned..
I have a big heart for loving
Me in the rain love it..
I'm a sisterof 7 of us..
Love gold, ginko
leaves, and fairies..
Some asian and celtic signs..
I had lots of fun doing this...
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Look at the beautiful Fabric Postcard card I
got in the post it was from
Carol Clasper. It was for her
one year anniversary for her blog.
She was only going to give the first 6
people to comment one, but generously
gave then to all 13 of us. She is so sweet..
Thanks Carol I love it..

If you make it larger you can see the

skeleton leaves under the gold organza..

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These is the ones for the charms
swap and make the rest also into
other charm for braclets..
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These are the right size for
charms for necklaces..
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These are the largest so
maybe key chains..
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These are the smallest.
I will make earrings with these..
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These are all the pieces,
I got over 125 of them...
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Sunday, June 10, 2007


This is the hand made paper I told
you about in an earlier post.
This is the back of page No. 2.
I wanted to show you the texture
of the paper.
I'm not sure if she used paper
pulp for the base, its quite stiff..
There was two books full of these paper.
Some had more flowers
leaves etc. There wasn't much
seal on them so lots of the flowers
had fallen off. So I picked ones
with out to much stuff on them..
Well I LOVE them.....
I used one for the orange journal below..
I had some plastic sheets 12inx12in.
I cut them up to fit the pages and made
sleves for them all to protect them...
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