Monday, January 15, 2007

MY ART SPACE IN 2007....

This is what you see when you come
in my door. First time visitors are a little taken aback with it all.. It took me 7 days, yes I said 7 days to organize it all. Now that its organized I can start creating again. YAHOO YIPPEE its done:):):)... Posted by Picasa


Tonniece said...

OK, OK, OK, if you are trying to make me feel guilty, IT WORKED!!!!!
My goodness I have seen this room and I really never knew just how much you do have there.
The room looks super.

Now the thing to do when you start creating again is to try and keep it that way so there will be no more UFO's to look for. AND........just think of the piece of mind you'll now have, while I am pulling out my hair trying to find my stuff. LOL

Great job Dianne

platitudinal said...

Goodness me, Mizz Dianne!
My jaw dropped when I saw these pictures, and it's still hanging. Now, I have to walk around and carry my jaw at the same time, so I wouldn't trip!

You did all of these in 7 days? Get out of here! It would take me 7 years if I have that many stuffs like you do.

You're awesome. Perhaps you should add another title to your name, Goddess of Order.

Whoa! You're unbelievable.

Chriss said...

Woohoo!! Congrats on getting your space organized. I know how much work it is to get it this way (and keep it that way, too).

Looking forward to seeing the work you'll produce in 2007 in your fab new organized space.


Carol said...

Oh my goodness Dianne. When my friends and students say I have lots of stuff I shall point them in the direction of your studio!

It certainly looks organised and I can't wait to see the beautiful things you will undoubtedly create in your lovely space.

I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your art studio. I keep looking for things to see if you have the same art things that I do here in Scotland!

Thank you for the tour.

Dianne said...

I wouldn't be taken aback - I'd want to explore!!