Monday, January 15, 2007

I have put my stunning book Carol Clasper
made for me. I'm going to have to put a background
in the box and decorate the box.. Posted by Picasa


platitudinal said...

Dianne, you put the lovely book in a shadow box. I think Carol would feel so honored that you appreciate her gift so much. :)

Carol said...

Lucy you are right, I feel very honoured to see Dianne's book in the shadow box and the box wrapped in plastic - what care you have taken of it Dianne. You have touched my heart. Thank you.

Dianne said...

Well Carol and Luci, this is the most beautiful thing I have recieved or have and I really treasure it and show it off to eveyone, even the men are impressed.Not that I have a endeless quie of mem coming through my house LOL
but the ones that have say it amazing and beautiful..