Sunday, January 07, 2007


Elbe river, the same one by the sandstone mountains runs right in the middle of the city..
Dresden was the last city boombed in the 2nd world war.. So they have built it back, they saved as many stones as they could so the building are built with blackened and white stones, I myself like the black stones.. So you can see all the smoke on lots of the statues and building.
It is a beautiful city defiantly a must see if your in Germany..
I put some links up if you want to read about the city, one site will tell you what the buildings are that I posted... This was our first day out and it was fabulous... Thanks to my sweet friends George and Sybille.
PS. don't forget to look at the pics on the bigger setting.. pics and tells what the bulidings are in my pics. pics of how it looked befor boombing..


suzanne said...

It was a great History Lesson, nice pic's.

platitudinal said...

Dianne, I was looking at the pictures in your blog with my friend. We both enjoyed them very much. He commented that someone (meaning you) had an eye for architecture, a deep appreciation of its beauty.