Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I started this in a little workshop Sandy gave me in England. We started with tissue paper I drew a celtic design in crayon then iron it on with bondoweb onto some lutrador. Then stained it with tea...
So I now have stitched the beads on and stitched
some fancy yarns then painted it with nail polish, it gives it a leather look and also some liquid gold leaf, added a bit of copper glitter. I add some walnut ink to make it a bit browner.. Now I have to burn an uneven edge around it and add it to a background, maybe a piece of my rust not sure yet.. Posted by Picasa


Tonniece said...

Dianne this has turned out fabulously. WOW!!!!!!!!
Looks super.
Can't wait to see how you mount it.

Love it

Denise said...

Wow! Very cool. Where did you get your lutrador from? I can't find any here in the Ottawa area!
cheers, Denise

larin said...

Beautiful, Dianne! :-)

suzanne said...

Wow super job, I guess you can put your fingers on what or where things are now. LOOKING FAB.

Carol said...

This is wonderful Dianne, lovely colur and texture

Carol said...


This is a beautiful piece of work. I love the colours and texture - makes me want to touch it!

You are a star!

platitudinal said...

Dianne, this is a marvelous piece of art. Myriads details, preparation, and all sorts of materials in it. Carol wants to touch it, but I'll be too afraid to touch it ... it looks so delicate! :)