Sunday, March 08, 2009


Hey All
Life still the same getting bored out of my mind.
Good news is I finally have a appt. for a cat scan
on March 17th LOL St Patty's day, should I ware
Hopefully after that they will be able to schedule
the operation to fix me up.
I miss visiting and seeing all my creative friends.
I'll keep you posted.
Big hugs to you all....


Mar said...

do they have any idea what might be wrong here?

i don't know dianne
i might wear the green...all the luck you can drag with you might help

i miss you too
and i sure hope they get you fixed up quickly!

platitudinal said...

Yes, do wear green. We need all the Irish luck, plus, you don't want to risk of getting pinched. Well, I don't know ... if the doctor is cute, you might wish to get pinched after all. Hehehe ;)

Evelina Wikberg said...

Dianne, I had no idea. I was wondering why you weren't about. Hope you are getting better. Do they know what is wrong? Anyways best of luck and hope they can sort you out so you get better. Lots of love Eva

Serena said...

I would suggest wearing green too. I hope all went well with your cat scan and that they found the problem so they can fix it.


Nola said...

Good luck with the scan, hope it went well. Miss you , girl.