Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well got my cat scan now waiting for specialist
Cloth Paper Scissors is having a charm swap,
so since I have a lot of these pieces I thought I'd
make a few and swap some. Then I will have enough
for a bracelet. They are almost the same as the ones
I made before but with no beads, I like them better just
plain. I took me a long time to do them but finally finished
and even got them posted.......
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Mar said...

i sure hope they get you fixed!

your charms are cute cute!
i am glad you felt up to a little arting!


Tonniece said...

AWESOME work Dianne!!!!!
Wish I got to see them up close and personal before you sent them out, But I do know how beautiful your pieces always are and I know these will knock their socks off.

Carol said...

Wow! They are fabulous Dianne. I am so pleased to see you creating again. I hope the docs get you sorted out soon. Love and hugs, Carol

Mar said...

are we doing ANY better yet?
checking on you!!!

Serena said...

The charms are beautiful, Dianne!

I hope all goes well with the specialist appointment...sending you lots of healing vibes ~ :)