Monday, February 09, 2009


I want to thank ever one for there well wishes.
I'm still not any better, They took me off the antibiotics
an I'm now waiting to get a cat scan at the hospital. No idea
how long that will take. I'm still on liquids no solid food,
good way to lose weight LOL..
Stay in bed most of the time hurts to sit to long..
I miss every one so much, thanks again ,I try to
keep you all up to whats going on....


Carol said...

so sorry to hear you have been so poorly, I hope you are soon on the mend.
for some reason I haven't been getting your updates on google reader

Mar said...

get well real quick...hopefully spring will arrive and the warmth and sun will help renergize you!
i am sending all kinds of healing vibes to you and prayers

platitudinal said...

Dear Dianne, we miss you too! Christer and I have been praying that you will feel better.


Serena said...

Thanks for the update, Dianne. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers....feel better real soon.

Miss you ~

love, light and peace,

Anita Davies said...

Hope you are ok Dianne, miss your posts