Friday, June 05, 2009


I'm so thankful, I finally got an
appointment to see a specialist.
I've been getting awfully depressed
being sick since the beginning of this
year. Maybe now they can fix me
up and I can start living again :):).

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Anita Davies said...

I do hope so Dianne, I have missed you!

Mar said...

have they figured out what might be the problem?
that i hope they fix real fassst!

i miss you too!

Tonniece said...

Hey buddy.
Your health problems will be fived and well behind you real soon, if my prayers have anything to do with it.

Love you

Tonniece said...

oops. that should read "FIXED and well behind you"

Serena said...

Praying for you too, Dianne. I have missed you ~ (((Hugs)))

Ellen said...

Dianne I had been wondering what had happened to you - please e-mail me as I lost all my contacts a while ago & am slowly recapturing them all ;)
Thank you for the birthday card dear friend ~ hugs