Sunday, January 20, 2008


Simone my niece picked up Sue Martha and I
and we went to her DS Kim house in Vaughn.
We had a fabulous lunch, roast pork with a
prune sauce and golden fried onions. Cannelloni
in a bechemel sauce scrumptious. Salad greens
with a yummy dressing, goat cheese and black
Her 2 bedroom town house is lovely..
No pics I'm so sad about that.
Finally bought new rechargable batteries
now the charger is dead..
Anyway the second bedroom is Kim's
office. She had the orignal door from her cottage,
now uses it for her desk with a high glass on top
of it original paint all peeling. It looks fabulous...
I saw the office as we came up the stairs, I just new it
would be my favorite room...
We had a wonderful day full of laughfter good feelings
yummy food , thanks Kim....
I whipped Simone's wreath the night before.
It turned out real piitty:):)

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Suzanne said...

It was a wonderful day, and the wreath is beautiful.
Thanks Kim.

platitudinal said...

It sounded like all of you had a wonderful time and some fine dining there. Dianne, the wreath is gorgeous! I love how you arranged the flowers.

Tonniece said...

WOW,WOW,WOW, all the wreaths and cones look fabulous Dianne.
And the night sounds like it was a blast (no surprise for your family gettogethers) as usual.