Monday, November 24, 2008


Here is a little peek at my cards I'm making.
I'm cheating a little this year by using these
gorgeous little gift tags for the centre . The base
cards were plain so I have stamped and sparkled
them up to look Christmasey (not sure if that is a
word LOL). Didn' t want you think I wasn't doing
anything ehheheh. Thanks for stopping by and have
a great week...
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Mar said...

ya know
i don't consider it "cheating" whatsoever when you 'incorporate' ...

Danielle Barlow said...

Christmassey is definately a word! ( well I use it anyway)
These are looking great! But it reminds me that I MUST start thinking about mine!

Carol said...

They are looking good Diane and not cheating at all. Very Chrtsmassey.
Thank you for the lovely photographs you sent, they were stunning.

Huge hugs, Carol

Tonniece said...

Christmasy? YES I SAY IT TOO. As for this being cheating.......
I prefer calling it being creative, and Creativity is great wherever it comes from. They look wonderful, can't wait for mine THIS YEAR

Skye said...

Nothing is cheating when art is created especially with all the beauty you've accomplished...Your blog is always inspiring..Great job and I look forward to after Christmas when you can show off your gifts...hugs, Skye

platitudinal said...

I love sneak peeks! It makes me more interested and curious on what you've been up to, Sis. I cannot wait until the revealing time :)

*If your fingers still have to do something it is not cheating :D

Serena said...

It's not cheating and I can't wait to see your finished cards.

I'm actually in the process of making a Christmas card for someone and I've used Christmas stickers. I've never made a card before so this is all new to me....lots and lots to learn. Wish me luck ~