Monday, November 24, 2008


Isn't she a beauty, well I'm not sure if it is a
boy or girl, but named it Shatan.. I fell in love
with these horse when I saw them on Daniella
She has a few and draws them too. So I google
imaged Dartmoor's ponies and found this beauty
and have her on my desk top. I named her after
The Black which is my favorite movie, I love to
look at her all day.... I'm in love :):)..

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Danielle Barlow said...

It IS a beauty! Glad to have converted somebody - they are simply the best breed of pony around!

Tonniece said...

My little hores wisperer, this is a cute little face for sure.

Anita Davies said...

Very cute!
We have a little Shetland pony, I should really sketch him more...well at all really. We have an owl too and I rarely sketch him or the ferretts, or the dogs, or the pheasants....Hmmmm, perhaps next Summer I should keep our pets in mind as subjects.

platitudinal said...

That horse is stunning, Di :) Now you have beauty to greet you each time you turn on your computer.

Serena said...

She's gorgeous!! So cute!