Monday, September 29, 2008


I cut up the ink splashes in 4 pieces and decided
to do something on each one. Well not working out
to well. This is my favorite one. I would love to
be able to draw just not my thing I guess..
I used stamps on most of them...

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Mary S Hunt said...

they are ALL !!!!!! fabulous
even tho YOU don't like 1 or the other will not make it less desireable for a card background
or collage start
keep going with the ones that aren't makng you happy riht this minute
it just means it isn't finished

the color combinations are terrific
and i like fleu i des
however it is spelt

Tonniece said...

OMG!!! Dianne listen to mary.
These are all wonderful.
The red and black one is soft yet bold, very striking, the gate is awesome, the flourishes, maybe over stamp on it, the fleur-de-lee (spelling incorrect I'm sure) lol, is totally awesome, and this one is totally stunning.

Love them all.

Serena said...

I have to agree with Mary and Tonniece....they are all wonderful. Just view the ones you aren't happy with as being unfinished at this point. :)

platitudinal said...

This is so beautiful, Di! And, I love the saying too.

*Do you think you can sort of apply the quotation to the with art pieces that you don't quite like ... that is as wild flowers :)

Mar said...

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