Monday, September 22, 2008


Thanks to my sweet lovely niece Kim I got to
have some dim sum. The Mall is in Missasaga
a 30 min drive. So since I don't drive I wouldn't
be able to go unless my sweet niece took me.
Thanks a bunch Kim..
We also went in the Mall looked around went
to the grocery store and I picked up stuff
to make a big pot of chicken soup, I bought a
smal whole bird to use.
Then when I opened the pkg, surprise the head
and feet were still attached YIKES it was hard to
even touch it to cut them off LOL..
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Tonniece said...

LOL, this story is still funny the second time around.
Glad it was you and not me buddy, cause it would still be uncooked.
Great pic of Kim, such a cutie.

Anita Davies said...

Oh dear, how unusual and unfortunate. Did it spoil your appetite or did the soup go down good ;)

platitudinal said...

Di, that is almost as horrible as the lady that drank the coffee and found a bat in her coffe pot! Aaarrggghhh ... I can hear Christer's voice in the background, "Now, are you ready to be a vegetarian?" Hehehehe.