Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Busy in the studio.
Okay I painted 9 pieces of tyvek, I have a lot of it.
I do like how it turned out.
So what can I do with it besides make beads.
I will try to just melt it and see how that goes..

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platitudinal said...

Okay, Miss Busy Fingers, you have been a very very busy girls. Very productive too. I love the cool patterns of the yellow/green/brown combos. And the others with the red splashes are very eye catching. Now, what are you going to do with these beauties? Are these for the unmentionable "C" projects? Oops, I said the "C" word! I'm SO bad! :D

Tonniece said...

You get her Luci. lol
Great job Di. Get those imagination juices going girl. You can do it.

Skye said...

Your work is absolutely amazing..I've been searching your blog and I just wanted to stop by and tell you it was a fantastic journey...Your Tvek pieces came out wonderful...You Rock!! hugs, Skye

Carol said...

Your painted tyvek looks lovely Dianne. I would suggest you try lsayering, stitch and then burn. You might get some really cool results.

smarcoux said...

busy busy my dear looks great will watch for your results
call you later tonight (sunday)

platitudinal said...

Calling Miss Fantaboulous Dianne ...

Hi, Sis, I am awarding you the Brilliant Blogger Award. Please don't feel obligated that you must participate. I choose you simply because I think you are brilliant :)


Serena said...

They look lovely, Dianne! Sorry if this is a silly question but what is Tyvek?