Monday, July 28, 2008


Look what I found in my DS Martha's front garden.
My favorite flower STAR GAZER LILY.
I've never seen one growing before only sold
in stores and flower shops. I was so excited I had to
post it to share with whom ever drops by..
Made my day...

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platitudinal said...

Thank you very much for sharing these awesome pictures with us. How beautiful they look!!! It's almost unreal! Are you sure they're not fake? Hehehe.

*Martha must have the greenest thumb in all Canada!

larin said...

Dianne, These flower pictures are so lovely. Lilies are so pretty anyway and you did a fantastic job of capturing them.

I peeked down through all your posts and love all the work you've been doing. I like the bright colors of the woven paper and your book purse turned out great--despite your mistake. sometimes I take my mistakes to class and show them to the students so we can learn from them together.

Hope all is well with you. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I've been working on my drawing and painting skills this summer. I'll be teaching a lot more classes this next year, so I'm working on about 8-9 curriculums right now. :-O Always fun!

Blessings to you! --LaRinda :-)

Skye said...

Each time, I stop by I'm so amazed at your beautiful artwork...Your cube is adorable, I love your ink work and your flowers are gorgeous..Great job...Have fun at your reunion..hugs always, Skye