Thursday, March 20, 2008


I am participating in the work shop with Oprah and
Eckhart Tolle along with around 2 million other
around the world. It awakening to your purpose.
I have been on a spiritual quest my whole life.
I believe I am finding the answers with this book.
Reading this book, for anyone, can if nothing
else make you a better more aware person of
how we deal with others..
Every week I copy out the questions for the
next chapter and put them in my new binder..
Anyway I took an old kids Poke man binder
and covered it.
I used some cheesecloth and glued rice paper on it.
this gives it the texture ( the one pic is to show that).
I traced a beautiful Celtic design on it.
then colored the whole book with Luster
Rub -ons.
I have to say I love the book and workshop...
I then sprayed it with a clear shellac spray..
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Suzanne said...

Nice book, good luck on your new venture, strong willed, strong mind. your board looks great.

Tonniece said...

Way to go Di. I'm rootin 4 ya.

Book and board look wonderful.

Mary S Hunt said...

Thank you for stopping in Dianne and leaving me such nice feedback.
I love looking at your work and the pictures of where you visit. Beautiful places by the way and you take great photos!...I always enjoy visiting you. Good spirits to you.

Into the Blystic said...

OOOh Dianne This book is so beautiful!!! it looks like an ancient tome of wisdom! lol! I too, am finding much to consider in The New Earth... I have been listening to the audio versions of the classes too... it is so heartening just to know there are so many 'seekers' coming together! namaste Elis.

platitudinal said...

This book (binder) is not only beautiful, but priceless as well because it contains powerful messages. How many pages do you have in it now?