Thursday, March 20, 2008


I'm trying to make some life changes in my life
If any one has seen or read the book THE SECRET
or seen the movie WHAT THE %#*^% ARE WE
DOING HERE will understand what the vision board
is all about.
In order to change your life you have to change you
thinking patterns. So this is what I envision
for my new life.
I always thought of my self as bad luck person.
Well know it only positive thoughts from now on.
Believe me it isn't easy to change a life time
of pattern thinking, but I am very willing to try..

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Skye said...

Thank you Dianne..You've just given me some great inspiration...Friends Always, hugs Skye

Mary S Hunt said...

Dianne...I am there with ya honey!
I read that book...made my board in the form of a collage and I am practicing and practicing making my changes...I figure better late than never. You GO GIRL!

smarcoux said...

finally I have time to comment .. was way to busy studying for the test .. which by the way I passed yipppeee just the paperwork now and money for the citizenship.

Well done on the board and I can see some of the things have already come into play ... smoking !! ya.. hope to see you over here soon in the uk


marion said...

Dianne... you can do this. Negative thinking is just positive thinking turned upsides down...there is always something positive in the toughest of me, i'm a depressive, I know of what I speak!!!
keep on keeping on¬

platitudinal said...

Dianne, I have always thought you are the most positive person! Now you just have to believe the way I believe about you :)

I love your inspirational board! Please share more with us of your journey. You are an inspiration!