Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I had to put a pic of all the fabulous stuff my Ladies
sent me. I covered the cost of shipping and ask for
goodies instead. These are fantastic, I love them.
These gorgeous materials, hand dyed and silks,
some threads,beads and raw felt, silk cocoon wrappings.
A couple of great books, a couple of zines which I know
now what they are all about and they are great.
An altered clay pot for my special pens, handmade
needle holder. A fabric pin, and a handmade blank
card. A really awesome polymer clay ATC.
The fantastic Chinese ink set with lots of colors.
Thanks so much to all my swap partners
for these wonderful goodies..
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Suzanne said...

Wow! What a Bonus, nice stuff. Now to see everyone's books, can't wait.

Tonniece said...

That's quite the treasure trove you recieved there.
It all looks so colorful and fun.

Now I am chompin at the bit to see all those wonderful fabric pages.
Well in all truth, I did see them, but not all put together yet.

Frederique said...

How lucky you are to receive all these goodies! Have fun to discover everything!

Nola said...

How lovely! You deserve it all, my dear, for running this swap and being an all-round nice person!
Can't wait to see the pages...