Saturday, October 20, 2007


These are going on Jan's gift. I used some of Sue's
metal and some of the metal Jan gave me to
create the little faeries. They are not easy to paint
because they are very small, one is about 2in"
the other about 1 1/2in" so the faces are quite
small. I'll finish the whole thing and post it
when its done. I also have one of Sues gifts done
but can't show that. I'm working on Christmas
gifts now.........

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Suzanne said...

very beautiful, and Jan will love it for sure, and the hints and can't show, damn!!!!!!!!!!Suzanne

Tonniece said...

Looks way cool there chickie. Great colors. Where will she ever put more faeries? Hummm........

Dianne said...

These are soooo gorgeous!!! Love them!!!

platitudinal said...

I love the metal fairies! I can't believe they're so tiny ... I'm impressed that you can managed to paint them so beautifully!