Thursday, September 13, 2007


I tried spraying ink on some card stock.
I had 2 little spray bottles, mixed ink
and alcohol-2part ink 1part alcohol.
Then sprayed the cards.
with only 2 colors I opted for
Orange and Green.
They turned out nice, but I think its
better to buy the ones already mixed.
I made a mess and really wasn't sure the
of the amount.
I did this cause the ones you get on line
are quit pricey and I already had the ink.
I like how they turned out though.
But I used up a lot of ink..

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Nola said...

Spraying does use a lot of ink or paint, (guess that's why the online ones are so dear) but it gives a great effect! When I spray fabric, I usually try to have something behind the layers that I want to add colour to, so the overspray is going onto something else.

I have seen, but don't own, those neat sprayers that you blow through. Have you seen those? The passage of air across the top of the ink picks up the ink and sprays it out the end. They seem like they might be less wasteful... but I haven't actually tried one. They seem to have quite a narrow field.

The colours look great, don't they?

Kiwi Ellen said...

I love these Dianne, they will make great backgrounds for cards, so bright & sunny ;9

Beadin' Gram said...

Beautiful, Dianne -- and such gorgeous fall color.

Tonniece said...

I totally agree with every comment Dianne. These turned out super, and the colors really pop out at you.

Debbi Baker said...

Beautiful colours Dianne - that will make fantastic backgrounds. If the cardstock you were using was not glossy you could probably have diluted them with water - they don't dry as quick and then you can blot them if you want to vary the intensity. Makes for beautiful paper towels for another background!

platitudinal said...

Love the brilliant colors ... they're so vivid they make my blood rushes excitedly.

platitudinal said...
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Into the Blystic said...

The tool Nola is refering to is probably an atomizer [sometimes called mouth atomizer] they are quite reasonable [under$6] usually at most art supply stores [i think they carry them at Curry's] They do work really well for spraying inks and you will use alot less ink than a spray bottle... just need a bit of lung power lol! email me if you want more info. I have one and love it for spraying inks/ watercolours and fluid acrylics. These papers are loverly! namaste Elis.