Monday, September 10, 2007


Cool rocks, there are thousands on the island.
We went for breakfast with our DC Rick
then desided to go to the island to visit
our other cousins. We stopped at Marlene and
Don's cottage first. It was our first time there.
They have been buliding it for 30 years.
They finished it 2 years ago, Don is now retired
and Marlene is retiring this year.
They are going to spend a lot of time there now..

I still have no art to show you, I'm almost finished my
fabric pages they were giving me agro, but at least
have finished sewing them thank goodness.
It was killing my right hand so I had to put
my brace on to work on them..
I will be able to start some new stuff very
soon. I won't be able to show you the fabric pages
untill I recieve them all from the other artist and
they get them back. I will post my other art before that...

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Debbi Baker said...

Hi Dianne - Really looking forward to seeing your latest art! I have really enjoyed seeing all your photos - it is really interesting to see a part of another person's world. Bye for now,

bitchinatstitchin said...

hey I'm a great believer in travel pics and pics of Canada? Love 'em
although I didnt get to that part of Canada (only BC) it brings back good memories.
Really lush and green your summers mate- not crispy dry like ours in the south of Oz

platitudinal said...

Dianne, you do get to go to the most beautiful places. I just love all the beautiful trees and the magnificent nature pictures you took. You have such a genuine appreciation for natural beauty and I got to glimpse them through your photos. :)

Into the Blystic said...

Hi Dianne... You've been allover the place lol! Great pics! Thanks for stopping by! namaste Elis.

Nola said...

Lovely place!

Hope your hand is better? I think I told you I did something to my hand on my book pages too? Well, not just the pages - too much intensive stitching on too many tings at once!