Thursday, July 26, 2007


The trip takes 4 and an half hours.
Sue like to drive at night no traffic and
we get there just in time for breaky :)
We do a pit stop for gas and Timmys.
The first 4 hours was like this, it finally
cleared when we got off the 69 hyway..

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Tonniece said...

This looks spooky, but what's beyond is always a treat.

juj said...

Hi Dianne -

Thanks for your comment to my blog. I'm so glad I discovered your blog - your pictures are wonderful! and I LOVE that hornets nest - how amazing!!

And I agree with you about your friend "T". I wish she wasn't so shy. Her work is delightful and I would love to see more of it.

Nola said...

Wow thanks for sharing your photos of your trip. It looks like a beautiful part of the world. The fog is a bit scary - I don't like to drive in it.

Jill Smith said...

Hi Dianne, lovely picture's, have got your blog on mine and have three new blogs, have a look,
There was going to be four but blogger decided to do the pics about a inch tall then inbetween they were huge so it got left.
I didn't think it was your blog as you have changed it but love it in the dark blue as it shows your art up,
Lots of love Jill xx

platitudinal said...

Thank you for recording your experience through the pictures and sharing them with us. The sceneries are awesomely beautiful. You captured the quaint and interesting details all around you. You certainly have eye for beauties. I hope you're having a blast with your family..