Thursday, June 07, 2007


I made a Journal for a friend who is
healing from a tramatic time, I told her
I would make a journal for her to write
down things in which is a great way to
help the healing process..
I used some gorgeous hand made paper
I bought at a second hand store.
The paper was made in Java all made
from grasses and plants from the..
I poured some ink on it to give it more
colour. I added some beautiful Quilled
flowers I got from Carol, they went perfect
with the paper and they are her favorite
flower.. I love it when a plan comes
I bought 20 pieces of this fantastic paper.
I'm going to scan them and put them here
so you can see how beautiful they are, I got
them for a deal 2 for a buck, great deal...
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arlee said...

BEAUTiful, Dianne!!!!!!!!!!! Like the new blog look too :}

Into the Blystic said...

Hi Dianne
Your journals are beautiful as well! namaste Elis.

Beadin' Gram said...

Dianne, what a lovely journal -- and what and even more lovely thing to make it for your friend. I hope journaling will help her through her hard times and that every time she picks up the journal she will know she has a very special friend in you.

Tonniece said...

Great Job Dianne. She will love it, and hopefully it will help her.

platitudinal said...

A beautiful gift from a beautiful heart. Dianne, this is very thoughtful and sweet :)