Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I can post these 2 gifts, finally had some sun today
so I took some new pics.
My friend Sheila's very sweet neices are getting
a wreath each. They don't check my blog so its ok
to post these picks. I love to make wreaths they
are really my favorite thing to make.....


Skye said...

The wreaths are absolutely lovely...I especially love your purple one ...Then again, we both know how I love purple..Beautiful work as always Dianne. hugs, Skye

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Dianne :)
hope you manage to have a great day in the midst of all the christmas preparations.
Would also like to wish you a Happy Holiday and A Happy new Year.

Mar said...

it is christmas day
merry christmas dianne

have a good new year too

hope the weather is doing okay there for ya

it is supposed to be turning snowy again here

not being sure just where in canda your place falls
i can't forcast the weather in relation to what i get

hope to hear from you soon


Serena said...

I hope all is well and that you are having a wonderful Christmas, Dianne ~

love, light and peace,

Mar said...

may 2009 bring you fantastic magic

come by my blog for a little surprise

i hope you are doing well...2 weeks is a long time without a visit...?

Anita Davies said...

These are beautiful Dianne

Serena said...

I hope you are okay, Dianne? It's been a while since you posted and I'm getting a little worried.

Thinking of you ~

serena xo