Monday, October 13, 2008


Thought I would do my thing so I decided to make
2 Venetian mask this is the first one,,

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peter poon said...


bitchinatstitchin said...

good to see you again mate
lol I love masks

Tonniece said...

ooooooooooh Dianne, these are stunning.
This is off the hook pretty.

Mar said...

OMGosh these are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!~!

Evelina Wikberg said...

How beautiful and original. I love it...thanks for my comment on the blog. Had a bit of a mishap with my hair, hahah...have been bleaching it for a couple of years and fancied a change. Look a bit pale but hey "pale and interesting" hahahah...have been away in England in Yorkshire to visit family last week, just go back today. You would love it there, lots of local heritage and it was sooo beautiful. The villages was like something out the middleages. My partner is from there. I just have to go back again..the little giftshops were adorable. Anyways instead of blethering on I must go and send some emails. Have a good week. Take care and keep up the stunning work. Eva

platitudinal said...

This is absolutely stunning, Dianne!!!!